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AA Interview: Dock Watch Hollow


Alternative Addiction recently chatted with the guys from New Jersey act Dock Watch Hollow about their name, their sound, and their new EP. Read the interview below:

AA: So Dock Watch Hollow is a RD in New Jersey apparently. Is that where you guys got your name? What’s the significance behind it for you guys?

DWH: Dock Watch Hollow Rd. is actually the road I used to live on. We started the band there, and it holds a sentimental value to us since we used to hang out at my house all the time there.

AA: How did you three find each other and get together?

DWH: Schuyler and I used to play together in a pop-punk band called Voted Most Likely in high school. We were both going to go separate ways and put out our own solo projects, but decided to come together and put out Anything Acoustic. Our former drummer Benn just had to leave the band for personal reasons, unfortunately.

AA: How would you describe your sound and your influences?

DWH: We classify ourselves as just Alternative Rock. Some influencers we have we would say a few bands like Manchester Orchestra, Circa Survive, Balance and Composure and Taking Back Sunday.

AA: You guys released a couple of EPs last year. First with “Anything Acoustic”, what’s the story behind deciding to put that out and the recording process for you guys with that EP?

DWH: Since both of us were going to do our own solo projects but decided to team up, we actually both took two songs that we had previously written and threw them onto an EP together which soon became Anything Acoustic. We recorded these four songs with engineer Eric Castillo at Nada Recording Studios. We were there for, I believe, three days to record those four acoustic songs. It was a fun time since we have known Eric Castillo for a few years at that point from formerly recording with him in our old band Voted Most Likely.

AA: You have the other EP you guys released called “The Deed.” Who did you work with on that one?

DWH: Wwe went to our buddy Doug Gallo's home studio to record "The Deed." AGL Sounds in New Brunswick, NJ. It was produced by Doug and our other friend James Bauman. Doug plays guitar in the band Hodera, and James plays guitar in the band American Lions!

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