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AA Interview: Avon Dale


Paul talked with the guys from Avon Dale on taking pictures and their new EP.

AA: Can you remember the first album you fell in love with?

The first album I fell in love with was Astral Weeks by Van Morrison. I had been a Van fan from a young age, but it wasn’t until my college years that I discovered the magic of that album. I would listen to it on repeat and get lost in it’s mystic beauty. I think it’s played an important role in my understanding of what songwriting could and should be; a medium where musical form and lyrics come together to create a feeling and evoke emotion.

AA: How would you describe your sound?

Everyone hates trying to describe their own sound. We don’t put much weight behind a genre or similar act because it changes so much from person to person, but I would say the general consensus is some form of roots rock/americana with a healthy influence from blues and soul music.

AA: Can you tell us about your new EP “Little Ditty”?

Little Ditty is a project with 9 songs. It has 4 main songs accompanied by 5 little ditties (shorter songs) that are strategically placed to provide context or juxtaposition to the full length songs and help balance the record. We spent a year writing, tracking, mixing, and mastering at Ardent studios working with Mike Wilson with assistance from Rickey Shelton.

AA: What’s the story behind first single “Powerful Word”?

Just preachin’. No clue what any of it means. It means something but altogether, nothing. Still trying to figure that one out.

AA: How easy did these songs come together?

We spent a good amount of time writing and examining our 4 main songs on the album, but our “little ditties” were unfinished songs that we left as they were and didn’t put much more thought into them.

AA: Was there much left over?

We kicked around 15-20 song stems and ended up with the 9 on this album. The other ones will become part of something new or sit in the dark until they need to see the light.

How long did you have to spend in the undergrowth for the EP cover!?

This is one that took a lot of coaching from our photographer. It was a big patch of kudzu right on the bank of the Mississippi River and there were big spiders scattered through it. We weren't completely sold on the idea and we were pretty squeamish, but we sucked it up for 5 minutes and it was worth it. It turned out great.

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