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Lego Marvel's Avengers

Developed by: Travelers Tales
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Xbox One
If you like Lego and Marvel, then this is for you. That said - the last game was a bit better.

The last Lego game release that tied into the Marvel Universe, Lego Marvel was both my favorite Marvel game and my favorite Lego game. It had captured the Marvel Universe better than 90% of the games that had been released to that point and they tactics they used to unlock characters, gold bricks, and vehicles were just as fun as the levels that they created for the game itself. It’s also a game that’s a ton of fun to play by yourself or with your kids. Like the game before it, Lego Marvel’s Avengers is a solid release. They carried over some of the previous game’s successful elements and they added some new things too. I wouldn’t say it’s better than the first game, but it’s a welcome sequel that gets its fair share of things right.

Unlike Lego Marvel, Lego Marvel’s Avengers takes its main cue from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like previous Lego games, this one uses audio clips from the movies and puts them into the game. They also record some extra audio here and there and incorporate it into the game too. It’s an interesting mix that works most of the time but becomes a distraction at times too. The story comes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it doesn’t run in order. It starts with Avengers: Age of Ultron, then it goes back to the original movie and it skips around in different places. It’s an interesting method to tell the story, but for the most part – like the audio – it works.

One thing that I did really like with the game was its character and model design. It looks like Lego Marvel, but it has a darker somewhat edgier tone to match the Marvel Cinematic Universe – that can especially be considered true with the first couple of levels. The gameplay here is a bit different than previous games. There are double team moves and there’s also some different actions that can be executed with different characters. The puzzle that the game goes back to over and over again is somewhat awful however.

If there’s anything that I’m really disappointed in with this game is that it doesn’t quite cover everything. They should have taken more time and done all of the movies instead of just the more recent ones. We also didn’t get a Guardians of the Galaxy level – I’m aware that they’re not Avengers, but come on – Lego Guardians of the Galaxy in any form would be pretty fantastic.

So, to sum this up… Lego Marvel Avengers has some spotty sound design, the character models and the graphics are all really great, the gameplay mechanics and the new innovations with the game are largely hit or miss, and the same can be said for how the story was implemented. If you or your kid is a fan of the Lego games then it’s worth an automatic pickup, the same thing applies for Marvel fans. That said, it’s not as good as previous Travelers Tales games or the original Lego Marvel game.

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