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Guitar Hero Live

Developed by: FreeStyleGames
Publisher: Activision
Xbox One
It’s worth picking up, but you might want to wait a few months to do so.

The return of a Guitar Hero after taking a few years off is a bit nostalgic. Remember when you’d walk through Target, Wal-mart or your local superstore and stumble across a random middle-aged man playing a plastic guitar? I do. Seeing those dudes would always make me smile, but I’d also see the awkward looks their kids would give them standing around them too, which in turn would feel a bit awkward for me. The point is that Guitar Hero has had plenty of cool moments, but it’s also had plenty of awkward and terrible ones too.

With Guitar Hero Live! The first thing to mention is the new controller. They took the old guitar, which was five bigger buttons and changed things up to six smaller buttons. Instead of having them on the same row, they’ve changed things up and made them into a 3x2 table. It’s a little different at first for people who’ve played the older games, but after you get used to it, the new controller seems to be the better option.

The two game modes in Guitar Hero Live! are a little different from games past. The first is GH Live, where you play a short career mode with a few different bands to live crowds. The crowds react and sing to how well you play and so does the rest of your band. It’s a fun dynamic at first, but eventually it gets a little boring. Basically, it’s a way to unlock free play for the 42 games that are in the game outside of the other game mode.

The other game mode is GHTV and It’s actually really entertaining. GHTV features two round the clock music video channels for you to play along too. You play through the videos streaming in the playlist and eventually you can earn enough tokens to purchase a free play anytime you want. It’s cool because the videos in the playlist are all pretty fun to play through. It’s a bummer for hardcore fans of the game because the challenging songs on GHTV can’t be purchased on a permanent basis, you can only purchase plays. That’s something that could wind up being pretty expensive for some.

The return of Guitar Hero Live! is a good one. The initial starting point of the price seems fair at first, but the content that’s packaged around the game isn’t as good as it could be. The song library on the game is cool and with GHTV it’s seemingly endless, but there’s also some restrictions that don’t exactly serve the game’s hardcore fans particularly well. It’s worth picking up, but you might want to wait a few months to do so.

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