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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Developed by: The Coallition
Publisher: Microsoft
Xbox One
You're THE Marcus Fenix?!

If Microsoft has had any franchise going for it outside of Halo better than Gears of War, I’m not aware of it. When the game came out shortly after the release of the Xbox 360, it was a hit. It was ahead of its time by being one of the better third person titles to come out before a slew of them were launched. Its combat and play and nuanced story ideas were ahead of their time too. It’s a game that I’ve played for hundreds of hours, whether that’s the campaign by myself or with a friend or just in a standard multiplayer games. Gears of War is an amazing game and following the tradition of remastering games, Microsoft and developer The Coalition have released the original Gears of War before they’re set to release Gears of War 4 next year.

The updated version of Gears has been notably improved visually. Characters, levels, backgrounds, and just everything looks markedly better. I especially loved seeing how The Coalition managed to match some of the darker elements of the game – the nighttime levels – with lighting and all of the underground levels too. The visuals have been improved, but the campaign got a new set of levels too. There were extra levels of the campaign that got released to the PC when Gears released to that after the Xbox 360. Most Gears fans haven’t played those levels before and they’re a ton of fun. They incorporate a ton of freshness into a campaign that’s an amazing amount of fun in the first place.

Playing Gears alone is cool, but the appeal for the game has always been having a friend play in the co-op missions with you. Gears has one of the better Co-Op campaigns ever and the remaster is certainly no exception. They even made some cool add-ins with that in mind, letting friends drop-in and drop-out in the middle of levels and allowing individual difficulty levels for each player in co-op.

Multi-player with Gears is cool even though it’s not as popular as the first person shooters. With the ultimate edition there are some new modes and a new map to play but nothing that makes it overly enjoyable than it was in the first place. The beta has been out for a while and it’s been fun, but it’s also something that’s extremely challenging if you don’t play multiplayer online a lot.

The Gears of War Ultimate Edition is a ton of fun. The campaign will take you down memory lane and it will look and play better than you remembered it. The co-op campaign is even more fun than the single player stuff and the multiplayer stuff is just as fun as you remember it too. It’s definitely something that’s worth picking up, even if you have the game on Xbox One with backwards compatibility already.

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