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Adelitas Way Discuss New Single and Tour


Adelita's Way frontman Rick DeJesus recently chatted with Alternative Addiction about the band's new single and their upcoming tour plans.

Earlier in the year Adelitas Way released their album “Escape”, but here we are in November and Rick DeJesus and his guys already have a new single, “Ready for War (Pray for Peace)” Alternative Addiction recently spoke with Rick about the release timing of the new single, the new single itself, and DeJesus’ thoughts on the music business.

“People wanted to know why released a song so quickly after releasing a record,” started in DeJesus on the timing of the single release. “It was more about as being an artist, sometimes you have things you want to say. I wanted to send this message. I felt like the world, the government, the media – not showing a lot of love and having the backs of police officers. You can’t take what one rogue cop does or one person that sucks at their job does and make every single cop undervalued and underappreciated. It’s become a thankless job. The same thing goes for soldiers. So, this song was about somebody getting in the mindset of someone who goes out there and protects their country, their communities, and their loved ones every day. Everybody wants peace and love, but you’re constantly preparing for the dangers of the job. That’s why these guys are constantly preparing for the bad side of things. The media doesn’t cover when a cop approaches somebody calmly and gets shot in the face. In that job, you have to be on edge constantly. It’s easy to sit at home and judge when you’re not the one having to do things like that. I made this song to get in the mind of these people who are going out there and putting their lives out on the line every day.”

The message that the single has is clear. Most of that is due to DeJesus’ writing style but certainly part of it has to do with the producer. For the song DeJesus recruited someone who he’s worked with heavily in the past.

“I drove to L.A. and worked with Brian Howes. We hung out like we always do and I showed him the song and we worked on it. He put the production on it and we have what we have. Worked really well, I always like working with Brian.”

To go along with the release of the new single, the band is hitting the road on a few select tour dates with Scott Stapp. DeJesus talked about that and what they’re looking at doing for their headlining shows coming up starting next year.

“Scott’s been great to us for a lot of years,” said Rick about the upcoming tour dates. “We’re going to play some of the songs that we always play. When we come out in 2017, we’re going to completely change our set list. We’ve been listening to fans on social media and at shows. We’re going to play a set that people have been begging for years. It’s going to be a lot of rare songs and some songs that people haven’t heard many times from us. I’m excited to headline next year and give people a bit of a different show.”

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