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Madison Records Rising in Atlanta


(Part II)

“The building that was Southern Tracks was turned into condos not too long ago. At Southern Tracks, a lot of famous records were recorded and mixed there from the 70s until it closed. This board we have is an SSL board and we got it from that studio. It was installed there in the 90s. Brendan O’Brien used to work at Southern Tracks all the time and this was his board that he worked on here. Both Wyatt and I grew up listening to all those records and he’s one of our heroes. So, we’re working on the same board that Brendan O’Brien worked on with some of our favorite records… it’s hard to get my head around it when I think about it,” said Hendon.

Madison Studios is the main business for Wyatt and Tanner but they’re also spreading themselves out a little bit more. Not too long ago the two of them started Madison Records out of the studio so they could make sure the investment they put in the studio would do well in the marketplace.

“Certain artists need more care and more artist development. We believe in them and we want to take them further. We were doing a lot of label stuff anyway. It made sense to solidify it. We want to build a brand and do some things we want to do in the music industry. It’s not just a money thing,” said Oates.

“It’s obviously a tough industry and a lot of artists aren’t super savvy on the business side and they’re not good at self-promotion. We put our hearts and souls into these records. It doesn’t’ do us any good for them not to get heard. We want to do what we can to make sure that happens,” added Hendon.

Oates and Hendon remain busy with recording, production, and promoting, and they’ve got plenty of projects they’re working on now and plenty of stuff coming up.

“We just started The Future Babes new record,” said Hendon, (Tanner’s little brother is a member of the band.) “They’ve come a long way and their writing has gotten a lot better. We just finished a full-length album for a band called The Head. They’re really good. We started some new stuff for Chelsea Shag too. We’re working with a pop artist named Alex True, she’s really talented. We’ve also been working with Hannah Zale, she’s a great vocalist and her music is a little heavier. I’d say she has a different voice, but the music reminds me of some of Paramore’s early stuff. We’ve kind of got our hands full at the moment, but it’s a good problem to have.” – aa

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