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Bryce Soderberg Plotting His Own Course with Komox


Alternative Addiction talked with Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse fame about his new band

While Lifehouse is on the outs Bryce Soderberg isn’t at home sitting on his hands. He’s trying to push to the front with his own band, Komox. In Lifehouse Soderberg was by no means an unhappy member, but the band was always, and will always be, Jason Wade’s ship to steer. Soderberg has always wanted something like that to call his own – something to scratch his creative itch. He’s found that with Komox and its been 16 years in the making.

“When I first heard Jason’s voice, I had my own band going for a long time” said Soderberg talking with Alternative addiction. “When I heard him singing and when the opportunity to play with them was available, I took it. I’ve always kind of been the Scottie Pippen to the Michael Jordan – the support role. When I make my own music, it’s a strong outlet for me personally and creatively. With Komox I feel like I have the opportunity to do that.

The sound of Komox is an interesting one. It’s modern with some great use of synth wave. It’s retro with a lot of influences from Soderberg’s early years. It has a lot of pop sensibilities from the influence that Wade and Lifehouse had on his writing. If you listen through part 1 of the band’s Dreaming Awake, you can hear all of those influences.

“I’ve been developing a sound for years,” noted Soderberg. “For the last ten years I’ve gone through so many different phases of writing my own songs. It wasn’t until about five years ago when I got back into the synth-wave stuff and some of the bands that are making music right now. Most of my influences have been pulled from my childhood and what I was listening to when I was happiest. I was traveling to a little area in Canada called Komox, and that’s what I named the band after. It took a long time to infuse different sounds into what I wanted to convey, but at the end I wound up with this stuff.”

Musically he knew what he was after, but lyrically the writing style was always evolving. He worked and practiced it for years and he took the formula that he noticed Wade used and made it his own.

“Following the formula of what Lifehouse does, I just write off of my own experiences. The most vulnerable and honest songs I have are the best ones. Musically, I’ve always been attracted to a lot of synth-wave music. I was raised in Canada listening to The Cure, Simple Minds, A-ha, a lot of the cool 80s bands. I wanted to infuse that with the modern element that’s happening right now and encapsulate as much honesty in my lyrics as possible,” added Soderberg.

The honesty in Soderberg’s lyrics come from his past experiences and those experiences have mostly to do with relationships and the years and years that he’s spent living life and jotting down thoughts and feelings.

“It’s like they say, a lot of the best songs are about the first five or the last five minutes of relationship,” Soderberg explained amused. “I’ve had my fair share of drama. When I pour my heart into what I’m trying to convey it’s got a therapeutic element to it.

I was always writing when we were touring. I always journal and write down what’s happening in my life. There’s been a couple of co-writes on this record, but I wrote most of this by myself. Lyrically I like to pour in life experiences and some of my experiences in relationships. I had a lot of lyrics piled up from touring.”

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