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The Best of 2014: Results


The votes have been added up and here are the results for the best songs, albums, and the best unsigned band of 2014.

2014 was a great year for music. Tremendous albums from the Foo Fighters, Angels & Airwaves, WALK THE MOON, Bleachers and the Griswolds came out. There were also some amazing songs released in 2014 by bands both big and small. The music was great, but there were also a couple of surprises with how we listen and consume music.

Streaming has replaced downloading mp3s. There are a few times when a download is necessary, but most of the time, most of us are streaming. This is great news for Spotify. This is bad news for iTunes. But it’s also the reason why iTunes dumped so much money into buying Beats. We all have our smart phones and are favorite applications for streaming music. With 4G becoming more and more available around the world, expect streaming’s reign to continue.

The other news with 2014, is that platforms like KickStarter and PledgeMusic became the only logical way for musicians to make money solely on their music. For lots of musicians, record sales mean next to nothing, they just help promote touring and merchandise sales. For artists with an established fan base, platforms like PledgeMusic have become the only real way to make money on record sales. Certainly, this holds disadvantages and advantages for listeners and musicians – and everyone else involved in the creation and promotion of music – but for artists with a 3+ tenure in music, it’s the smartest thing they can do.

As 2015 kicks off, we can all look back at the past year with an interesting point of view. Really, we can look at the past twenty years with an interesting point of view. A lot of us struggle to remember a time when we bought CDs, but now just as many of us struggle to remember firing up Napster on a Windows 98 machine to watch ten downloads crawl along. Soon we’ll be reminiscing about iPods. Things will keep changing, you can count on that. That’s why it’s nice to take a look back and listen to the songs that helped make our year and that will hopefully help us to remember something from our lives when we hear them ten years from now.

The Top 100 songs of 2014

  1. WALK THE MOON "Shut Up and Dance"
  2. Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance” turned up on the majority of ballots for top song. That partly due to the perfect timing of the release, but it’s mostly due to the overall awesomeness of the track and the fact that there isn’t a song that’s been as catchy or as good released in a long time.

  3. KONGOS "Come With Me Now"
  4. Bleachers "I Wanna Get Better"
  5. Big Data Feat Joywave "Dangerous"
  6. Foo Fighters "Something from Nothing"
  7. Augustana "Ash and Ember"
  8. Neon Trees "Sleeping with a Friend"
  9. Fall Out Boy "Young Volcanoes"
  10. Young Rising Sons "High"
  11. Rise Against "I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore"
  12. Thirty Seconds to Mars "City of Angels"
  13. The Griswolds "Beware the Dog"
  14. The Fray "Hurricane"
  15. Bad Suns "Cardiac Arrest"
  16. Switchfoot "When We Come Alive"
  17. Grizfolk "The Struggle"
  18. Sleeperstar "Apocalypse"
  19. O.A.R. "Peace"
  20. Coldplay "Magic"

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