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AA Interview - Kodaline


With the release of the brand new album from Kodaline, “Coming Up For Air”, the Irish import is set to make an even bigger impact on the international level. Kodaline’s Vinny May was kind enough to speak with Alternative Addiction’s Mandi Kain about the new album, some of their touring habits, and coming away from their U.S. debut, “In a Perfect World.”

“In a Perfect World” was a huge album for the band, elevating Kodaline to an international act. What are your thoughts moving away from that cycle and what you accomplished with it?

We never really expected anything to happen with the first album so it was just a big of a surprise to us how well it did! We learnt a lot about each other and touring, stuff that really helped when we got the chance to record our 2nd album!

How did the last album help shape the new one and to you, what’s the biggest difference between “In a Perfect World” and “Coming Up for Air”?

We are better musicians and better friends then we were 2 years ago! We didn't want to make the same record again so we pushed ourselves to try new instruments and the question "why not" came up a lot so we didn't put boundaries in place just did whatever we felt the song needed.

You guys have been known as a band that’s always on and always writes. Knowing that, how big of a challenge was it to sift through all the material that you had written to decide which songs to work on for this new record?

Ya we love writing it's kinda hard to stop what you love doing! But normally if a song is recorded properly then we all think it's good enough to go on a record! If an idea isn't working we don't force it we just move on!

What’s the most challenging part of the transition between having a song that’s written to having a song that’s recorded?

On this record it wasn't at all because most of the album was written in the studio with all of us at our instruments so everything went down really quickly! We know each other really well so can kind of tell where people are going to take things when we jam out songs.

While working on the new album did you think about how you were going to play the songs in a live environment or did you worry about that after the album was finished?

We don't really worry about things like that and definitely not when we are recording! The live version of songs is just that, it's live so things change and parts get added in or taken away, it's an interpretation of the song not it word for word.

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