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Young Rising Sons Carry On as an Independent Act (Part II)


(Part II)

“It’s frustrating. That’s something that I’ve been sitting with for the past year and really thinking about,” said Andy when asked about the specific spot the band is in. “In the last couple of months, it's really come to a head. We were signed with Interscope and everything was great, but that changed obviously. When you're signed with any label, when things are good, they're great. When things aren't good, you get stuck in a cog and things get stagnant. We got stuck in the cog and we've been trying to get our footing ever since. It's been tough. We deal with the stigma of getting dropped by a major. It gets frustrating. It's impossible to absolve your name from all the baggage and history, not that we want to do that because it's part of who we are. It's definitely frustrating, but we're still able to go and play shows and go and see the people that still connect with our music and that's all that really matters to us."

Still, there’s one element of Young Rising Sons’ story that an outsider can look and guess that at that point things started to unravel for YRS. If things went different at that juncture, then things would be different. It was a major turning point for the band. That’s when “High” was at radio and doing well and then suddenly, the song just dropped off the face of the earth. We asked Andy about what happened with “High” and why it didn’t do as well as a lot of people expected, and he had some interesting speculation to throw out there.

"We were in the middle of a radio tour and the song was still climbing. I think it was in the top 20 at alternative radio. It looked good and it felt good and we had a tour coming up. Then, we got a call from the label saying they were pulling it from radio. We never really got a reason why they were doing it. That's the upside and the downside of a major label. When they're ready to push an artist, they will give you a major push. But the downside is when they need to make room for a major artist at radio, they will pull you in seconds. Things work both ways, I don't know who they were opening the slot for or their exact reasoning behind anything, but it's something I'll think about from time to time."

This article is turning into a ‘what could have been’ piece, and it’s not necessarily meant to be that. There are thousands of stories exactly like that. That said, things with Young Rising Sons have been down, now they’re not. They’re not on an upswing right now, but they’re not that far away from one. They’re a big tour, a sync license, or most likely a creative spark from turning things around and expanding the plot into a success story. Right now, the biggest thing that Young Rising Sons has going for them is a musical and lyrical identity that they’re looking to build on.

“Just working with ourselves, we’ve been able to conceptualize things a little bit. That's helped us in terms of writing. We want to create a world with ins and outs where we know what's going to happen. I think our music and lyrics have their own personality. Writing that way has helped us create new ideas. That's helped us write music and create new ideas. Usually, our songs start from that world, stuff will come from there. Then a musical idea or a melody will come in and things will go from there.”

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