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lovelytheband Talks broken.


Mitchy Collins from lovelytheband talked with Alternative Addiction about their track, "Broken" and their upcoming headline tour.

lovelytheband’s album finding it hard to smile plays like an album written by the guy hiding in the corner chair at a party. He’s comfortable enough to talk to a few people here and there, but mostly he looks and feels out of place. Really, that’s not far off when you talk to Mitchy Collins, frontman and chief songwriter for the band. His answers are short, but they get the point across. He comes off a guy that’s comfortable in that corner or hiding behind a microphone or a guitar.

loveltheband started out on a chance meeting in a nightclub between Mitchy Collins and Jordan Greenwald. The two were there with a group of friends for the first time and things just kind of clicked. From there, Mitchy and Jordan met drummer Sam Price on Instagram. The band started in late 2016 and almost instantly they found success with their song, “broken.” From starting out in 2016, to having a hit in 2017 is a big jump. For that kind of thing to happen, a band has to build a rapport with each other quickly.

“We had to build that chemistry and become friends pretty fast,” said Collins in the interview. “Sam joined the band in July of 2017 and then literally two weeks later we were flying all over the place on tour.”

One of the first songs that Mitchy and Jordan worked together on was “broken.” It wasn’t the first song that lovelytheband released, but it seemed like it was successful immediately. Talking with Mitchy about the song, he talked about the melody of “broken” and how it started.

“I was in the studio with my production partner and we tripped on the main melody of that song. Then we played around with it until we came up with a bit more. We wanted to keep it simple,” explained Mitchy.

“It kind of started as a story,” continued Collins talking about the lyrics of the song this time. “Guy meets girl, guy meets guy, girl meets girl, whatever. As I took a step back from the song I realized it was a bit more interesting. Looking at the lyrics you can look at like ‘these aren’t my people, these aren’t my friends’, it touches on my insecurities of walking into a new room or a new situation. My first instinct is that nobody wants me there. I have a lot of insecurities about that stuff. That song is a way of me telling myself that it’s okay not to be okay. That’s just part of life.”

Collins also talked about the song and where they wrote it in the band’s timeline and gave us his initial feelings on the track:

“There was a few written before that but broken was the first one we wrote that felt extra special. I hated it at first to be honest. I do that with every song we write though. It takes me a bit to go away from it and listen to it with fresh ears. When I listened back to that one, I thought that the song felt different. I thought there was something special about it.”

“broken” has charted on the alternative charts and it led the way for their current single, “these are my friends” to do as well as it’s doing too. As far as opening few years for a band go, few have had it as good as lovelytheband has. Now, they’re getting ready to go out on a headlining tour. Talking with Mitchy, he said he’s not too involved in picking out the set and the lights – things like that for the tour. He’s just focused on getting himself ready as best as he can before they head out. His explanation fit in with the person who wrote this awkwardly awesome album that the band gets to head out and perform for everyone.

“It’s our production. It’s our show. Everything is new. It’s a geek-out moment for me, so I leave Jordan and Sam to figure out stuff because I stress out over it too much. I’ll freak out and overthink everything.” – aa

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