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The Wrecks Record on the Sly


The guys from The Wrecks talked with Alternative Addiction about how they recorded their first EP and their upcoming Panic Vertigo Tour

The Wrecks play a pop-punk infused modernized version of 70’s rock. That’s not the perfect way to describe them, but that’s our best attempt at doing so. The point is they’ve got a sound and a style all their own.

You can go through the story of the recording their first EP as a perfect example of how there’s nobody quite like The Wrecks. They didn’t have studio time, they snuck into some guy’s house while their friend was housesitting and recorded their first EP every night for a few days. They had to be done recording every night before the morning when a relative came to give the cat it’s diabetes medicine. And they had to be done recording the entire EP before the housesitting gig was up. It’s like 10% lame but lovable, and 90% awesome.

Recently, Alternative Addiction talked with two guys from The Wrecks, bassist Aaron Kelley and guitarist/keyboardist Weston Weiss. We talked with the guys about recording their first and second EPs and their recently announced upcoming Panic Vertigo Tour.

“I don’t think anybody knows where we recorded that actually,” said Weiss when asked if it was out there where the band actually recorded their first EP. “There wasn’t a name for the studio, it was just at someone’s house.”

“Any information about where that was recorded is probably on the downlow,” added Kelley. “That’s how you get sued. We can’t afford a lawsuit right now.”

Kelley elaborated on how the band’s first EP, simply titled We Are The Wrecks was recorded.

“Our friend, who I won’t name either, she was housesitting this guy’s house and she asked us to come over and record a cover with her. Nick went over, and he saw the studio. It was a whole separate building with a drum room and everything. Nick called us to come over and he asked our friend if we could have some studio time there to record. She said we were good to record throughout the night while she was housesitting. We recorded the full EP in four to five days. We only had from 8PM until whenever in the morning and then we had to get out. There was a relative that had to come in and give the cat it’s diabetes medicine and we had to be out by then.”

The band didn’t just cut it close getting out every morning, they cut it close with the finished recordings too. When the owner of the residence showed up, they almost forgot to grab their work and take it with them.

“I didn’t know this until kind of recently,” said Weiss, “but everything was on the computer and we left. When we got back to our house, it was like an ‘oh shit’ moment because we had nothing with us. Our sound guy had to sneak back in and get that stuff for us.”

That’s the story of recording their 2017 EP, but the release of their latest EP, the Panic Vertigo EP is a lot more laid back. The band got the studio time and had more than a few days to record it.

“It was much more relaxed,” said The Wrecks guitarist Kelley. “We recorded it in a barn in western New York. It’s at our friend Pat Berry’s house. The whole upstairs of the barn, he transformed it into a little apartment/studio. It’s nice there. We worked there for a few months. There was a different vibe working there. There was a lot of hard work and a lot of late nights, but it was us recording at our friend’s house, so we didn’t have a week to record and that’s it. We were lucky in that regard so definitely a shout out to Pat Berry.”

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