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The Protest Gives Us The Scoop on Their New Album, "Legacy"


Josh Bramlett, lead singer for mainstream rock act The Proest, talked about the band's new album "Legacy" and how they shifted creative gears to make it.

New Castle, IN act The Protest just released their third album, Legacy and it’s a throwback to mid-2000’s mainstream rock. It’s got a little bit of everything. There’s a little bit of screaming. There are a couple of ballads. There’s even a decent number of hooks. But best of all, there’s a lot of good music. Led by the brothers Bramlett – Josh is on lead vocals and Jarob is on drums – The Protest is setting itself up for a good cycle with a great record in Legacy. We talked with Josh Bramlett from the band about writing and recording the album, but also the step up in quality with the new album compared to their previous work.

“It’s a lot of things,” said Bramlett in the interview. “I forget this, but our last record came out late in 2014. It’s been three or four years since the last one. A lot has happened to us as people and we’ve grown as musicians and writers too. I don’t think we were bad before, but I think we’ve learned a lot. We did some co-writes and collaborations for this album. That was a mind-opening experience. Having other people to bounce ideas off is cool. It’s been the four of us for the past ten years and you get stuck in the same rut of doing the same thing repeatedly.”

Co-writing for the band was a pleasant change of pace. Despite them seeming like newcomers to the rock scene for a lot of us, they aren’t. They’ve been around for almost a decade and they’ve been putting out some quality stuff, and stuff that’s made a lot of people’s radar – just not everyone’s radar. That’s why deciding to do co-writes for this record along with some other changes made sense. Still, getting help with writing songs is something that a lot of bands turn their nose up at, and The Protest struggled with it at first too.

“Honestly, with this record we had that mentality starting out. We thought that our music was ours and that was it. Our producer, Matt Arcaini thought we should do some co-writes and we were hesitant to do that. We ended up listening to him. I feel that we were so blessed being to work with these guys. It’s cool having six minds on it instead of four. It was awesome. I wouldn’t trade it for the world and we’ll do it again.”

“We did co-writes with Josiah Prince,” Bramlett continued. “He’s from Disciple. We did a couple of songs with Nashville writers; a guy named Jeremiah Jones and a guy named Brian Hicks. We also did a co-write with a guy named Dane Allen from Loyals, a band that’s on Tooth & Nail. We also did a cowrite with Andrew Stanton of Disciple too. We did five co-writes for the record. Sometimes we started from scratch, sometimes we had all the music we just needed help with good hooks and we did that.”

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