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The Maine Announce Second Ever 8123 Fest


Pat Kirch, drummer for The Maine talked with Alternative Addiction about the band's second 8123 Festival, Warped Tour, and their new acoustic album.

There’s been lots going on with The Maine lately. They’re on the final full cross country Warped Tour with a slew of other acts, classic and new including Bowling For Soup, Fenix TX, Mayday Parade, Taking Back Sunday, William Ryan Key, The Used, Waterparks, State Champs and a lot more. They also just released a very cool acoustic record called, Less Noise: A Collection of Songs by a Band Called the Maine. Then, they also just announced the return of their 8123 Fest where the band will be celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their debut album, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. It’s a busy time for the Arizona rock heroes and we talked with drummer Pat Kirch about the upcoming festival, the acoustic record, and the last version of Warped Tour as we know it.

“It’s great,” said Kirch about the current Warped Tour. “We’re a little under halfway through it. We’re in the groove. We’re having fun. The shows are crazy. They’re the biggest crowds we’ve had on tour. It’s the last one, so I’d equate that to everyone wanting to come out one last time and have fun one more time. I’ve heard they might do a couple shows or something like that in the future, but this being the last cross country one feels like it’s the last Warped Tour. It’s been a big part of the scene that we’ve been a part of and it’s been a big part of my young adult life. It’s sad to see it go, but I think it leaves room for people to have to come up with something new.”

The band also has their own festival coming up, they just announced their second 8123 Fest that they’re curating in Phoenix. The festival will run from January 18th – 20th of next year in the band’s hometown. For the last 8123 Fest, the band had The Summer Set, Technicolors, and John the Ghost. It also featured reunion sets from Brighten, This Century, and A Rocket to the Moon. Talking about bringing the festival back, Kirch said it was something that he and the band were pumped about.

“We’re excited. The plan was always to bring it back in 2019. It’s a big undertaking, so doing it every year would be too much. Doing it every other year makes sense. It’s special and we’re excited to be doing it. The response just so far has been insane. The amount of tickets we’ve sold - before tickets are on sale – is crazy. We just have bundle packages on sale right now and how many we’ve sold with that is insane.”

They’re thrilled to announce it and ecstatic about the initial response, but the lineup for the coming event isn’t quite finalized yet. Talking with Kirch, he said that they’re in the process of setting that and couldn’t really drop names, but he said to expect this one to be bigger than the last one.

“We have some bands confirmed and we’re having conversations with some others. I can’t talk about too much because some bands are on tour right now and they’re not allowed to announce they’re playing until the tour they’re on ends. We wanted to announce the festival as early as possible, so people could have as much time as possible to plan and book plane tickets and things like that. It’s going to be bands from all over the place. Bigger bands. More bands. Just looking at the first couple of bands that we have confirmed already, it’s going to be a much bigger festival than it was the last time.”

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