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Charming Liars Talk "Like a Drug" and New Music


(Part II)

So far this year the band has released the two singles, but they’ve got a lot more songs that are near completion or are already completed. Talking with Kruger about whether the band is planning on releasing an EP or an LP, he wasn’t quite sure, but it sounded like the band was leaning towards releasing an album.

“Basically, for the past 6-9 months we’ve been working on a batch of songs. We don’t really work with anything in mind. We just work on music and we find songs that fit together and then we figure out what we want to release. We have 15-16 songs mixed right now and we’re going through the process of whittling that down with the idea of getting our favorites and putting an album together late in the summer or early in the fall.”

They’ll want to have that released or at least announced by the early fall because the band has tour dates planned with Welshly Arms in September in the U.S., that’s something that Kruger and the guys are excited about.

“We’re very excited about that. That’s my favorite part of being in a band. It’s fun to tour the U.S. and see the smaller less romantic markets. That’s the opportunity to meet the rest of America and meet all kinds of people. Welshly Arms is a great band too and we’re excited to tour with them.”

The next release will likely find a release date early in the fall, but fans can expect a new single to be released in the next couple of months because the third and final video in a series will be released then. The video trilogy consists of the video for “Insomnia”, “Like a Drug”, and the yet to be announced next song.

“When we were sitting down and talking about making a video for “Like a Drug” – we found that there was a common theme between that song and the other songs we viewed as singles,” explained Kruger. “We’ve always been film nerds and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to merge our passions. We were ambitious with this, but we decided to write and shoot a short movie with the lyrics from the songs as the story line. We went to Louisiana and we shot for four days in the swamp with some amazingly talented people and we made this 25-minute movie that we chopped up into three music videos. The last one will be released in a couple of months. It’s all emotionally heavy, but we wanted to take advantage of the people we know that could help us pull this off and we wanted to say something with these videos.”

You can watch the videos for “Insomnia” and “Like a Drug” on the band’s YouTube channel, be sure to look out for the band’s next video in the series to be released soon. – aa

The song "Like a Drug" is available at all digital retailers now too. You can get it on iTunes now

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