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American Authors Share Story Behind New Single


(Part II)

It’s not just the general populous that consumes music on a single-to-single basis with the help of playlists; it’s musicians too, Barnett confessed that he doesn’t dive into as many albums as he used to, but there are some perks to that.

“It gets tough for me to listen to albums because so many albums are released every week. I save an album but then I get so wrapped up in listening to playlists and singles and I forget to listen to the album. It kind of sucks, but I’m guilty of morphing into the modern music listener. I listen to a lot of playlists. That’s how I find new music. That’s how I listen to stuff. I’m more likely to listen to album if I add every song off an album to my starred playlist. I will say that when an artist releases an awesome album, I’ll be hooked and that’s all I’ll play for weeks at a time.”

Hopefully we’ll all be able to get obsessed over the new American Authors album sometime in 2018, it could happen this year judging by how the band has been working, but we’re still on the wait-and-see approach with the next album from the group.

“We have so many songs right now It’s crazy,” said Zac when asked how the new album is progressing. “We’ve been writing for a good year and a half. We have a ton of songs and we’re still writing stuff and changing stuff. That’s our process. We don’t stop writing until the album is out. Even then, we still don’t really stop. For us, if we write an amazing song a week before the album comes out, we’ll do everything we can to get that song on the album.”

Is there an ETA for that next album?

“No clue. We’re excited about ‘Deep Water’ and we’re excited to follow it up. It really could come at any time. That’s the good thing with where we’re at right now, even though we don’t have set dates, we feel really prepared and we feel good about it. We have so much material it could really come at any time.”-aa

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