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American Authors Share Story Behind New Single


American Author's Zac Barnett spoke with Alternative Addiction about the band's new single, "Deep Water" and their upcoming plans

It’s been almost five years since American Authors released their first label EP, and it’s been four years since they released their debut album, Oh, What a Life for Island. The band dropped another album in 2016 called What We Live For. Since then, they’ve released four single, including their most recent release ‘Deep Water.’ Alternative Addiction caught up with American Authors’ Zac Barnett about the new single, playlists, and what else the band is working on right now.

“There are times we’ll get together as a band to talk about concepts and ideas for songs,” said Barnett when prompted to talk about the most recent American Authors’ single ‘Deep Water.’ “We’ll also talk about what’s been going on in our lives. We were all talking to each other about how we each had these moments go on in our lives where you kind of feel like you’re alone. When that happens, when you’re at the hardest of times, you have that loved one next to you that won’t leave your side. That’s what ‘Deep Water’ is about. For me, that’s my mom. My mom had breast cancer a few years ago, and that was tough. We’re close. It was just me and her when I was growing up in a house, and we’re best friends. The idea of those loved ones in our lives and being in the deep water and having someone watch your back is what that song’s about.”

Barnett also noted how quick the song came together once they took it to the studio and really started to form it.

“We had a concept and we brought it into the studio and we instantly had it. The chorus just popped out and the rest of it wrote itself quickly, basically in that day. What you hear now is what came out the other week. It’s what came out the first day in the studio,” added the American Authors frontman.

How quickly the song came together is crazy, but that’s part of how American Authors has developed and something they’ve learned to do over the years.

“I think the important thing now is to not have any expectations. It’s always cool to come in with an idea of how something should sound, but you always get the best stuff when you go in and you’re free with the idea of letting what happens happen. It’s being really open to new ideas and new arrangements, new sounds, and new styles of music. I don’t know if we would have ever stumbled on the sound of ‘Deep Water’ if we weren’t being open minded about our sound and where it should progress to.”

“Deep Water” is the fourth single the band has released since last year. In 2017 they released “I Wanna Go Out” and “Good Ol’ Boys.” So far this year they’ve released “Do My Own Thing” and “Deep Water.”

“It’s cool. It’s where the industry is. It’s a singles-world. It’s tough for bands to keep releasing albums with people wanting more music quicker. If you’re dropping singles every couple of months, it keeps peoples’ attention span a little more. We still love doing albums, this song marks the first chapter of the next album process. But releasing singles and keeping people engaged has been fun. A lot of the singles we’ve been releasing have had a purpose to come out. “Wanna Go Out” was a song that got placed in a trailer and then that forced the song to get released. Then, a few months ago “Do My Own Thing” got placed in an ad campaign and the thought is, ‘it’s going to be out on TV, we might as well put it out too.’ You do that, and you give people more to listen to.”

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