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LOYA: Nathan Johnson Takes Experimenting To New Levels on "Komaglass"


(Part II)

“A lot of the songs that I do end up being composites of other stuff that I’ve been into,” explained Johnson. “The metal band Northlane put out an album last year called Mesmer and the final song of that album has a minute-long intro that’s just a bass drum and a low synth. I thought that was cool and I thought I could do a song like that, except have it be the whole song with myself singing over it. I wanted to integrate the electronic 808 drum sound and distortion on the vocals to make a futuristic song with a dark vibe. For me, that song conjures up imagery of a giant, futuristic metropolis that’s falling apart. The name of that song comes from the aliens from the movie Arrival, which was a big influence thematically for this record. The title track of the album is based off that too. A big theme for this record is linguistic barriers and not being able to communicate with someone.”

Johnson stretched himself creatively making this music and you can really hear that. You can also see it with how he’s trying to push the album, that’s a big mission for Johnson with LOYA and for himself as an artist.

“I try not to be limited. As people, we’re not one-dimensional. We have a lot of different characteristics and traits. Music is the same thing. It’s so broad and so expansive. The more influences that I have that I’m pulling from, the more unique and the more genuine my music becomes. Exploring is a huge part of what I do and it’s a good ideal and something for me to always strive for. Other artists I love do that, and I want to do that too.” – aa

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