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Fly By Midnight Talk 2018 and The Boombox Series


(Part II)

The guys also told the story behind writing one of their early singles called “Karaoke.”

“That was a song we released early and one we wrote quick,” said Slavo when talking about the song. “That was another one that was based on a story. Sometimes you’re in the studio butting heads over lyrics and things like that, but that was one of those songs we soared through and it came out really cool.”

“That song started with a note on my phone from a night that I don’t remember much,” added a laughing Bryte. “I love that. I want to do more of that in the future. We want to go on tour and live life. We want to take on some more adventures and take on more stories and turn that into material.”

Fly by Midnight works because Slavo and Bryte create some awesome music together, but the project also makes an impact with a large audience because they’re good at developing and implementing a business strategy for what they’re doing.

“On the surface it seems like we’re just releasing music and playing shows, but there’s been a long-term plan that we’ve been working on,” said Bryte. “This year there’s going to be a big step in that plan. We’ve talked with labels and some other stuff, there’s some talk of a full length album and hopefully some tours we’ll be able to hop on. There’s a long-term plan to turn this into more of a widespread act. We want to have as many people listening to our music as we can.”

Fly by Midnight’s most recent release is a short EP called The Boombox Series, it’s a short but awesome three song cover EP of songs from the early 2000s. Covered on the EP are Rhianna’s “Umbrella”, Michelle Branch’s “Everywhere”, and Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.” They’ve released a video for every song on the series so far, including dropping the video for “Complicated” today.

“It’s one of our most ambitious videos because it was pretty hard to shoot. We shot it at a bar at Staten Island that was near our studio. It was a pretty crowded night and we were set up in the middle of this bar on a busy night. It was hard to get through and by the end of the night, people were upset with us because they couldn’t get to the bar, but it turned out well,” said Slavo.

Bryte provided some additional insight.

“All three of the videos were ambitious. For ‘Umbrella’ we got a motel room and lined up the entire room with plastic lining like Dexter and we made it rain inside the motel room. We try to bring something different with our videos. We do them ourselves, and it can be difficult, but it can also be a lot of fun.” – aa

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