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Fly By Midnight Talk 2018 and The Boombox Series


We talked with Fly by Midnight's Slavo and Justin Bryte about how they started working together, how they write their music, and their big plans in 2018.

Fly by Midnight – the duo made up of Emergence Music Group producer Slavo and Justin Bryte – started out in 2015. Bryte went to work with Slavo and the two had so much chemistry that they decided to work as a duo/band instead of working on their own. Almost three years later and millions of Spotify and YouTube plays later, the band is set to have a big year in 2018. We talked with Slavo and Justin about how they started working together, how they write their music, and their big plans in 2018.

“I Went to college and I played football for a year,” began Slavo. “I ended up stopping that and I moved to New York to pursue music. I went to an apprenticeship for a couple of years after moving there and after that I started working there. I met Justin there and I started working as a producer with him, then we wrote a couple of songs together. One of those songs was ‘Brooklyn’ which ended up being the first Fly By single. When we went to record it, Justin talked about just starting a group and moving forward that way. It turned out great and that’s the song that got us working together.”

“When we started creating together we kind of became like brothers,” explained Bryte. “The way we started was really organic. That’s why it made sense to create an artist project with Slavo. We got along so well from a creative perspective but also just being friends. I figured it was going to work out.”

Since then, Fly by Midnight has created original music and other content at a prolific pace. Yeah, they’ve released roughly eight singles, but they’ve also released videos, covers and a lot more. The partnership is a productive one, and its cool to hear from the guys how they work together.

“We’re in the studio every day,” said Slavo when talking to Alternative Addiction. “We get up around noon and get there then we work until 2-4AM in there. We’re pretty much working on our stuff every single day and that’s what it takes these days.”

“Slavo and I are really obsessed with the craft,” added Bryte. “That’s why we’re doing this. In today’s world, waiting to go into the studio to write and record or waiting on anything. That’s not how this works anymore. We’re constantly creating and becoming inspired and working.”

Justin and Slavo don’t just work every day, they work in different ways every day too. They do what other musicians do and they’ll start writing with a melody, but they also start in other ways too.

Slavo was the first to explain their unique approach:

“For us, there’s multiple ways to work on a song. We’ve started with a song title before. We wanted to write a song called vibe and we wrote a song around the personification of that word. Justin wanted to write a song about his college experience and we wrote a song based on that. It varies every time.”

“Malibu is a great example,” said Justin providing his own input on the answer. “We were in China performing for Chevy Malibu and then when we got back, we started working on that song. We tried to inject as much personally into it as we could about what we just got done with – that experience in China. I think that’s why people connect to our music so well because it’s so personal.”

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