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Collective Soul Talks First Live Album


Dean Roland from Collective Soul recently talked with Alternative Addiction about the band's first ever live album and their upcoming studio album.

Ten albums, countless hits, thousands of shows played and there’s one thing that Collective Soul has staggeringly never done – release a live album. That’s changed now – with Collective Soul Live the band has finally released the record that a lot of fans have been waiting for. Recently, AA caught up with Dean Roland to talk about the live album and their upcoming album to be released in 2018.

“We’ve been talking about it for years, but we finally got our act together and started recording all the live shows a couple of years back,” explained Dean. “We’ve been doing it on and off with the intention of doing a handful of songs and then releasing a live record. We thought it felt like the right time to release a live album. It’s become such a big part of what we do. We still make studio record and we love that, but a clear majority of our time is being spent being on the road.”

The past few Collective Soul albums have been great, there’s no knocking a studio LP from the band, we love pretty much everything they do. That said, seeing Collective Soul live is bordering life altering. They’re on of the best live bands we’ve ever seen and seeing them during the Dosage Tour will forever be a highlight. That’s why it’s been surprising that they’ve never done a live album. Talking with Dean additionally about the live recording and how the songs and recordings were chosen for the live album, he said it had its moments, but most of it was easy.

“A lot of it weeds themselves out because it’s not great to you. Some of it you remember to tag right away because it involves a moment. Whether that’s playing at the Fillmore in San Francisco or Red Rocks in Colorado – something like that really sticks out as a moment. The other thing is just if it sounds good. Did we play as a band that’s halfway competent? [laughs]

“It was kind of tough, but we put the hits on there and then it becomes a democratic thing on which song to include, including the new song. If it felt good, if it had the right vibe then we’d include it on the recording.”

As for a new Collective Soul album, expect that to come out close to the middle of 2018 says Roland.

“It’s getting close,” said the younger Roland on how close the band was to completion with the album. “We’re close to 90 percent. Ed has to do some more vocals and there’s some things here and there that need done – but it’s about time to take the at out of the oven.”

In addition to the new live album and the soon to be released studio album, the Collective Soul guys have kept their side projects alive. Ed Roland & the Sweet Tea Project are still going strong, Will Turpin is getting ready to release another solo album, and Dean’s side band Magnets and Ghosts is getting ready to release a full-length album too.

“I wanted to do a full length this time because last time we did an EP. This will be our third release. We’re getting ready to be done with that too. We’re finishing up final mixes and we’re getting the artwork together. We’re putting the finishing touches on it to send it off to wherever it all goes and then we’ll get that done and out there,” added Dean.

The holidays are busy at home but in the music business, just about everybody seems to be taking this time to recharge and get ready for next year. Collective Soul is off during this month, but come February, the band will be ramping up into what should be a busy year.

“We’re going to be busy. We’re off the road until February and then we’ll go to South America and we’ll do some more international touring. Next year’s going to be a busy year for us.” – aa

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