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Saints of Valory Back in a Big Way


(Part II)

It’s also worth noting how different these three songs are from what we’ve heard from Saints of Valory so far. Up to these three songs, a good comparison for Saints of Valory was Coldplay. When they first started on the indie scene years ago, that’s what everybody always talked about. Now? There’s an edge to the new music. There’s a badass vibe to Saints of Valory, something you could say with 100% honesty wasn’t there before. Talking with Gavin about that, he had a good explanation for the transition.

“I feel like when you make a record with a label there’s a lot of commercial weight that’s put on your shoulders. You want the music to sell. This time there was none of that weight. If we felt angry we could write angry. Nobody was telling us what to do. There was a lot of freedom when we were writing this stuff.”

The best example of that is “Red Smoke” a song that Jasper wrote lyrics for based on the Red-Light District in Amsterdam.

“At that time, we were writing a lot of songs,” explained Jasper. “I was writing a song every single day. We got that song started with a very simple instrumental demo that our drummer sent me. He sent a bunch and that one stuck out. My dad travels for his job and he sends me all kinds of crazy pictures of crazy places. He was in Amsterdam and he sent me photos of the Red-Light District. That inspired me. I was thinking of what it would be like to grow up there. It seems like a destination for a lot of people, but when you live there it’s the most normal thing in the world. The Killers are from Vegas and they’d talk about different things in Vegas being normal for them. I thought about the Red-Light district and someone growing up there and feeling the same way. It came fast, that song was written in 15 minutes. We did that one in Florida, that’s the story behind that; a song that’s like the story of an inhibitive teenager growing up in that atmosphere. That was the goal.”

With the three new songs in tow, Saints of Valory is prepping for the biggest test for them – performing live. Their biggest show in a while is Channel 93.3’s Not So Silent Night in Denver, CO this weekend. The show is on Saturday and Saints of Valory is on a bill that includes BANNERS, Redlands, Dashboard Confessional, and Imagine Dragons.

“We’re pumped because we haven’t played these songs live. We’ve had great reactions from people who’ve heard them, but we get to play them in front of an arena. Our band does better when we’re playing in front of a big crowd. The music translates way better in bigger rooms and I’m happy that we get to give them a full punch this time around.”

After the show Saints of Valory will be taking some time off for the holidays with the rest of the industry but once the spring hits, expect Gavin and the guys in Saints of Valory to get busy.

“We’re planning a spring tour. We’re working on mapping that out right now and we’re working on making plans for a radio campaign too. We’re going to hit it hard at radio at the top of the year and we’ll announce what we’re going to release and then follow that up with a tour. We’re going to do what bands do. We’re excited for next year.”-aa

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