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Saints of Valory Back in a Big Way


Alternative Addiction talked with Gavin Jasper from SoV about their new songs and their plans for next year.

After a few dormant years, Saints of Valory have made their new music return with three single releases at the tail end of 2017. First up, came the single “Set It On Fire.” The song gained instant recognition for it’s upbeat and intense but melodic tone. It’s garnered radio play on a few stations across the country despite not really trying to get it played. Shortly after, the band released the atmospheric and melodic “PAINKILLER” and the brooding beat-heavy “RED SMOKE.” Saints of Valory is back in a big way and they’ll be in the forefront in 2018. Alternative Addiction talked with Gavin Jasper from SoV about the three new songs and their plans for next year.

“We have 40 songs or something close to that,” said Jasper during the conversation. “The only issue, if it’s an issue at all is what we’re releasing. We have pockets of writing and recording. We did a few songs in Florida, then we did a few songs in L.A., and a few other places too. Because of that there’s groups of five songs that sound alike. So, we’re just trying to figure out how to put them out. It could be two albums worth, it could be a double album, or there could be a few EPs. That said, we have ten songs in mind for a full-length record.”

The past couple of years haven’t exactly been active years for the band on the road, but before that they were busy. Playing shows with The Wild Feathers, Eric Hutchinson, Jamestown Revival, Fits & The Tantrums, and Phillip Phillips – they were busy. While they were out on the road they were supposed to be working on their debut album. They did write a little bit, but according to Jasper working while being out on tour wasn’t what they were expecting.

“It was different than we thought it would be. We had ideas and we got some songs done. We even had a song that we were performing and trying it out for crowds too. But it wasn’t the same as taking our time and writing how we were used to. Touring was relentless for us. When we were done we were ready to stop playing and ready to dive into starting to work on some new stuff. Getting into a groove is a big part of writing for us. Getting a vibe is an important. You can do that when you’re in a place for a week, not when you’re there for a day.”

The strategy has worked. Saints of Valory has released three strong songs in the past couple of months and the best might still be to come. Jasper thinks so.

“The strongest is a song we’re putting out at the top of the year,” said the excited Saints of Valory frontman. “On the business side of things, we knew we were putting out music in the fourth quarter of this year which is always the busiest release period. We wanted to put out “Set It On Fire” first because it’s such a strong song that we knew was going to translate live. We wanted to release all three of these songs because we wanted fans to know them before we started playing shows. We knew we had some big shows coming up and we wanted those songs out there so fans would recognize them.”

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