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Close Your Eyes and Listen to The Midnight Club (Part Two)


(Part II)

“When we first met we had a record written, but it had more of that 80s pop sound,” explained Owen. “We decided to scrap that. We decided we wanted to go with more of a theatrical sound mixed with some 70s rock. We were doing some demos and they didn’t feel right until we wrote “Close Your Eyes.” Since then, we’ve wrote 50 or 60 songs that are more in line with that sound. Maybe some of those will make a record, maybe not. We’ve got two more songs coming out soon that are in the same vein. The first song we wrote will probably never see the light of day.”

So where does that leave ‘Knock Back’? Is it gone forever or is it something that might get redone and rerecorded?

“It could be. It would be hard to say. It was the first song we released, and it was our first song that people were familiar with. We’re certain that the song is not that indicative of who we are as a band, so it made sense to take it down, but I don’t want to say that it will never get released. Maybe one day in the future,” said Sean.

As for writing “Close Your Eyes” the song was written after their big show, and since then they’ve never looked back. They wrote the song that epitomizes their sound and they pushed forward. Harry told the story.

“It was last summer. It was right after Big Gig. We were on a roll with writing, but we were having writer’s block too. We could get ideas out, but we were having a tough time of turning them into full-fledged songs and finishing them. We knew the sound we were going for; we really wanted to do “Night at the Opera” by Queen or “Ziggy Stardust” by Bowie but with a more modern alternative sound. We were having a hard time doing that through the entire summer. Owen was on his way to my house and I came up with the progression; the whole song is one big progression. I came up with the chorus melody and the lyrics. When he got to my house I showed it to him and we were both really enjoying it. We wrote the verse melody together and we did a rough acoustic demo for it. We sent it to the band and everyone responded positively – including our manager. That kicked off what our sound is now. We wrote 20-30 more songs that summer. Even with the songs we’ve done recently, they all fit within that sound. It helped us identify who we wanted to be as a band,” added Harry.

That’s writing the song, but the production and the mixing of it is another story altogether. The single was mixed by Mark Needham – he’s mixed for some big names including Imagine Dragons.

“It’s cool being able to say that we got our song mixed by the same guy who did some of the biggest names in alternative. We share a connection/common person with those big names. That’s cool. I really feel that he made the song come to life. When we first got back the mix I remember talking about how you could hear every little part so well. Nothing bled, and nothing was inaudible. It was cool hearing the depth that guy can add to a song,” explained Owen.

What’s next for The Midnight Club? They’ll play a big show next month in Denver and hopefully they’ll be able to keep the train moving until they get a big opportunity next year.

“We have a show at a local lounge in Denver called the Larimer Lounge,” said Harry. “We have a new song coming out around then too. We’re excited to get that out there. The “Close Your Eyes” radio campaign has kicked off too. Next year we just want to keep writing and releasing music and hopefully find our way on tour.” -aa

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