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New Lead Singer For Falling Through April Talks "Desperate Measures" (Part Two)


(Part II)

Talking further about making the album, Salazar also described the overall tone and feel of the upcoming LP and gave us a couple of examples.

“We focused on the path in life we take; the long journey of trials and errors with relationships and life. As an example, I tried writing a love song and it ended up being called “Better Off Alone” [laughs]. It’s kind of punk rock and one of my favorites on the album. Then, there’s “Desperate Measures” … that song talks about breaking free and coming out of your shell and coming together. Those are the two songs that really come to mind for me.”

Mikaela also chatted about making the video for “Desperate Measures.” Jon King the record producer also happens to be Jon King the music video director. Salazar discussed making the latest Falling Through April Video with King and getting to shoot it on site in Atlanta – at a warehouse that The Walking Dead use for their show too.

“It was a challenging few days, but looking back, it was cool. We got together at an abandoned warehouse and we looked around for wood and scraps to use. Everything we couldn’t find we, bought from Walmart or Goodwill. It was three days. First day, we set everything up. Second day, we got all the shots we needed. Third day, we tore everything down and left. Jon’s ideas and everything were great. He was in it all the way. Everyone worked hard. I’m pretty sure we used it before they (The Walking Dead) have. The lady that booked us that spot she gave us an awesome tour of the area. It’s a pretty area. I like the look of that abandoned stuff too,” added Mikaela.

The focus for Falling Through April right now is twofold. They’re working on finishing the upcoming LP; it’s in the process of getting mixed right now, then mastering is next. They also want 2018 to be a big year on the road.

“That’s the goal. We want to do a run around the United States and we’d love to do international stuff too. This next year is going to be crazy. We’ve got a show before the end of the year in Charlotte and then next year we’re going to go hard.” – aa

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