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The Maine Continuing To Move Forward


(Part III)

That big hit hasn’t come for lack of effort. Since going independent The Maine hasn’t put a big focus on radio, instead deciding to focus their efforts on touring and online promo. That said, when you think about some of the band’s catchier efforts – the fact that the band never has had a hit single is surprising. From “Right Girl” and pretty much ¾ of the record on Black & White to “Diet Soda Society”” and “English Girls” on American Candy – and numerous songs in between – it’s crazy the band has never had one song take over the lives of pop music. The hit single is something that the band has never put too much stake in, instead they look at not having one as an advantage.

“It is cool,” explained Kirch of their non-hit status. “That’s the reason we’re able to make records that sound completely different from each other. We don’t have that one song that people expect us to continue to be like. I’m not going to say it wouldn’t be nice, but for what we’re doing and what we’re attempting to do with the culture that we’re trying to build as a band it’s not a big deal. We’re making the records we want to make and for the most part we’re touring when and where we want to tour. We feel pretty fortunate to be where we’re at.”

As far as what to expect next from the band, you can anticipate two things – the first is probably going to be a B-sides album. After amassing six albums worth of material, the band’s had to cut a lot of songs didn’t fit with certain albums or didn’t get finished. Kirch said that’s something the band has talked about and something that’s probably on the horizon.

“We have tons. We’re beginning to talk about compiling all that stuff. A bunch of them are kind of bits and pieces of ideas that we’ve had over the years that didn’t make it on records. I think we’ll compile something, whether it’s an album or a couple of EPs of that material. I think that will probably be the next thing to come out, a compilation of those songs,” added the drummer.

The other thing that’s next for The Maine – after a current tour with Night Riots – is a special headlining tour.

“We’re going to do a tour in the Fall where we play the new record and “American Candy” in full. It’s called the Modern Nostalgia Tour. The love that we’ve been shown for the last two records has been insane. So many bands are doing these 10-year anniversary tours and we wanted to do the opposite of that. We wanted to go out and play the two new records. The excitement that we’ve gotten when we play songs from the last two albums has been insane, so we wanted to go out and play them for everyone” – aa

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