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The Maine Continuing To Move Forward


(Part II)

Always trying to move forward and do something different has always been like the unofficial mantra of The Maine. They haven’t made the same record twice and they’ve evolved in some astounding ways. The biggest example being how drastically they changed from their first album, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop to their sophomore album Black & White.

“I think we look up to artists like Ryan Adams and Wilco, the artists that have continued to evolve and make interesting records, even if they’re not for everyone. For us, we don’t want to make the same record over and over so we’re going to put ourselves in situations where we don’t have any other option other than to make something completely different,” explained Kirch on the band’s growth from album to album.

Six albums is a big deal for any band but The Maine celebrated a bigger accomplishment lately with their decade anniversary as a band. It’s incredible to think about because when you think about the bands that have come and gone over the past ten years, there’s a pretty high number. The band celebrated that decade mark with a festival in their hometown of Phoenix, AZ called the 8123 Fest.

“We’ve been talking about it for a while. We’ve been wanting to do something different. We’re from Arizona and that’s a big part of our band. We’ve had lots of bands from Arizona come out on tour with us. We have tons of friends’ bands in Arizona. We’ve recorded a lot there, and a lot of songs talk about it too. We thought it would be nice to have our fans all around the world to come and see it and see the places that we talk about the songs and to see the bands we’ve been out on tour with over the past ten years. Then, when it was going to be the ten-year anniversary of the band we thought it was the perfect time to do it. I think we’ll do it again. We won’t do it every year but maybe every other year. We’re still kind of figuring that out.”

The other thing that the band is trying to figure out is what to play on tour. With six albums worth of original material and several notable covers they’ve done over the years, there’s a lot that of fan favorites that aren’t going to be played at every show.

“It gets harder and harder every time we cut a record,” noted Kirch on the band choosing their live set for any given night. “We’ve been playing five songs from the new record when we headline and then there’s a good mix of the other stuff. We’ve added a song from the first EP we put out. Then we play a couple of songs from each album. With the older songs, we rotate them out so we’re not playing the same songs over and over. The luxury we have is that we have an audience that cares about every album and we don’t really have that one hit song. There isn’t a song that we always have to play, so we’re able to do whatever we want.”

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