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The Maine Continuing To Move Forward


Alternative Addiction recently talked with Pat Kirch from The Maine about their new album, "Lovely Little Lonely"

The Maine just released their sixth album, Lovely Little Lonely. Like they’ve done with all their previous efforts, they sought out to do something out of habit to create a new piece of art. The album before this one American Candy was aptly titled because it was pure pop sugar. This one is a little different. It’s an up-tempo album that sounds happy, but when you dive into what’s being said… it can be horribly depressing. Recently, Alternative Addiction got to chat with The Maine’s drummer Pat Kirch about the new record, their own 8123 Fest, and a cool tour the band has coming up.

“When we were making this record, we had a clear idea of what we wanted to do,” said Kirch. “We wanted it to sound happy but sad at the same time. We wanted the entire album to have a continuous thought and mood so it didn’t ever end from one song to the next. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make sure every song fit that mold. If it didn’t, then we didn’t put it on the record. It was a challenge in that regard. We didn’t put just anything on this record. Some of the songs that we wrote would have made it onto other albums in the past. Because we had such a specific idea of what we wanted to do, if the song didn’t fit in the box of what we were doing or if it wasn’t up to par of what we had, then it didn’t make it. It was probably the hardest album to make that we’ve done.”

The Maine had a clear and concise idea of where they wanted to take this album but it being their sixth album they had to change the way they did things in a meaningful way. Although they’ve put out a lot of different material from record to record, the way they’ve come up with that material and how they filtered it out was similar. They started writing with a loose general idea and they wrote songs, if the songs were good enough to make the album, then they made the album. With Lovely Little Lonely, that wasn’t the case according to Kirch.

“It was like banging your head against the wall,” laughed Kirch while explaining some of the band’s frustrations with their latest album. “We had to get the tones of the guitars that we were hearing in our heads perfectly, and some other things like that. Then, we really wanted to do something that we hadn’t done in the past. Anytime we felt like we were going down the easy path, we stopped. For example, “Taxi”, that song was done completely different. The first time we recorded it, it sounded like a traditional song that we’ve done. We recorded the whole thing, and we didn’t like it. It wasn’t what we wanted to do and it wasn’t what we wanted for the record. We weren’t pushing ourselves hard enough with it. So, we rerecorded the entire song and reimagined the entire thing and that’s what made it onto the album.”

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