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Jeremiah Freed: A Companionship and an Odyssey


(Part III)

Roche: “You go so long and you have your batch of stories that you tell when you meet new people or whatever. When we’re together at a practice or at the studio when we’re all hanging out, it’s cool because the only other people that understand what went through are the guys in the band.”

Smith: “It’s almost like we have our own language, not just inside jokes, we have our own way of talking to each other.”

Cosby: “It can sort of seem unreal what happened to us. Especially because we were so young. Now, we’ve all done other things for so long it’s nice to get together and reminisce and make new music with each other.”

In talking about their bond, Smith finished off the conversation on a deep note and the answer was truly found about why, after a decade, they decided to get together and make another album.

“I don’t look at it as nostalgia at all. It’s different,” said the vocalist about what they’re doing with this new album. “This part of my life is one that I’ve only used for making music. It doesn’t age and it doesn’t get quaint. It just exists. It’s always there. Now, I get to experience again. It’s being able to be present in the moment with music once again. It’s a chance to do that. It’s one of the best things that you can experience. This album was a creative outlet. It’s odd, it feels like a Field of Dreams like thing. We felt compelled to create this. Doing this together and getting these songs in a tangible form that we could share with people was the most important thing to us.” – aa

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