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Jeremiah Freed: A Companionship and an Odyssey (Part II)


(Part II)

The band knew they wanted to make a record. They just needed to figure out how. Cosby, Smith, Ryan, and Roche are still in the Maine area but Goodale has been working in and out of Nashville for years. So, the guys ended up taking a road trip down to Nashville and they started working on the album there. Goodale ended up producing the record with the band and their old friend Jonathan Wyman – who had worked with Jeremiah Freed on their debut album – ended up mixing and mastering the record at his Halo Studios in Windham, Maine.

“We recorded the rhythm tracks, bass, and drums all down in Nashville and Joe did the vocals in Maine,” explained guitarist Jake Roache. “Nick arranged all of the songs in Nashville at Prime Studios with a guy named Daniel Dennis. We went down and chipped away at it. The vocals, mixing and mastering all happened in Portland, Maine with Jonathan Wyman who was our engineer when we put out our albums from 2000-2004. He was always behind the board. It all came together between the Portland and Nashville pieces.”

“Overall, we’re looking at it as one album released in two parts,” said Cosby on how they’re releasing the album. “A lot of people are calling it an EP, and that’s fair. We’ve been working on the tracks all together, but the second part isn’t out yet. To say that everything is done isn’t quite right but a majority of the work is done. Still, we were excited about what we had and we wanted to get it out to people. We’re also embracing the new rules with music, being there are none, and we wanted to release the album in two parts.”

As for the name of the album, “Companion” seems like the most random word that the band could have thought up to name their return release so we did have to ask why they choose the name that they did.

“Yeah, that’s a good question,” said Roache. “I don’t know how to answer it. The name itself was chosen because it’s an interesting word. Companion is a word for friend but it also means more than that. It means two or more individuals who’ve been joined by a shared experience. Our experience in music together has been an odyssey, frankly. The name of the record was a nod to that. We’ve had that bond that’s related to music and that’s where the name comes from.”

The bond that the guys in Jeremiah Freed has is evident – even on a phone call. When they were talking to each other it was immensely fun – a person could just sit back and listen to them tell stories and then try to decipher them later. We talked briefly about their bond and it’s fun to just read their exchange.

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