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Schwartzman Talks Rooney's Movement Into "El Cortez" (Part II)


(Part II)

Recently, Rooney put out the second song from El Cortez called “Day to Day”, it features songwriting hero David Pack, a name that might not be known to everybody under the age of 30, but a guy who wrote a ton of classic hits.

“Day to Day was a song that I had written a few years ago. I didn’t finish it. I wrote it to this rhythmic loop – this really cool, laid-back beat that had such a good vibe to it. The demo had a lot of charm. I listened to that and wondered if we could do something to it. We played with it and got it to a place where it had some of the charm, but felt like more of a finished song. What’s cool about that though is that I got David Pack from Ambrosia - they’re a band from the 70’s and 80’s. He’s written some of the biggest love songs/soft-rock songs from that period. He and I had collaborated recently on different things. I told him that the song would work well with his voice and asked him to do it and do some harmonies with me on the song. I love the lush, harmony, soft rock sound and David’s voice brought that to “Day to Day.” It brought some nostalgia to that song.”

There’s a theme to Rooney and how it exists these days. It’s free to be what Schwartzman wants it to be. That’s an amazing place for an artist to be.

“I’ve been producing my own music for the last two Rooney records. I’m not going out there trying to find the hot producer and seeing if he can do a song on spec. I’m not looking for that person on these records. I’m hands-on in the studio, I’m glued to the computer. That’s how I write now, being able to touch the machine that I use to record gives me new ideas. I get a little precious when it comes to Rooney. I care a lot about it and I’ll sit there and grind it out until I feel that it’s the best place that it can be. I like to have alone time with the music. When you’re with other people in the studio it feels like everybody is waiting to do something. I like to be able to tweak it until the song comes to life. There’s more autonomy. There’s more of a hands-on approach to this project.”

“The fact that I’ve embraced Rooney in more of a solo project kind of way since the hiatus has allowed me more freedoms to take more chances. Back in the day, there was the same lineup, we were on a label, there was a machine-like approach to it. It takes a lot of the spontaneity out of the project and the creative freedom out of it too. There’s freedom with this project to do anything. I like that. We don’t have to preserve the same thing because the way it’s been established. I’d rather have the ability to grow and evolve without having to worry about the past. We’re in a place where that can happen and I’m excited to see where it goes from here.” -aa

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