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Greek Fire: Coming Out of the Rain (Part II)


(Part II)

What changed for the band? Part of it is just that time heals all wounds and the other part of it is just individual grit.

“We’re in a better place and Moon is in a much better place. It’s the oldest cliché in the book – being in a band is like being married. There’s a reason it’s a cliché though because that shit is true. Especially in a creative setting, that relationship can be a lot of pressure it can be tough. We’re in a much better place now. To be honest, that’s the only reason the record is coming out.”

The band’s latest single off the upcoming record is called “Coming Out of the Rain” an appropriate title for a band that’s getting over a large chunk of drama. The song starts out almost without an introduction – the first thing you hear is Moon’s voice – but one of the most noticeable things of the song is the piano work – especially in the chorus. Phillips talked briefly about that and the writing process.

“That song started on the piano the whole song was a piano composition I wrote. 30% of the songs start on piano and the rest is me noodling on a guitar. Then at night time I’ll go down and fill drums to it and put keyboard, bass guitar, and whatever else the song needs. I don’t have a set process I just go to work. Sometimes it happens in five minutes sometimes it takes twelve hours. I pick up an instrument and start playing, and if I dig something I just record it. I’ve done that for the past fifteen years. When I get done I send it to the rest of the band and they play and do their own unique things and that’s how we make a song.”

“Coming Out of the Rain” wasn’t the song that was written the fastest by Phillips for the record. When asked about the quickest song that came to the guitarist for Broken, he shared an interesting story.

“There’s a song called “Wait It Out.” I’m doing some stuff with a guitar- doing tap harmonics. I was on my roof having a couple of beers and I started tapping a thing out and I thought it was cool. That was one of those songs that just happens. It’s not even coming from me, it’s coming through me. That whole song happened in five minutes. I recorded it on my iPhone on my Sound Recorder and I threw it in Pro Tools and filled it out. When that happens it’s amazing. Sometimes a song happens in five minutes and sometimes they take twelve hours. I had it in my mind about what everything did in that song. It flew out.”

After Phillips writes the composition of the song, that means bringing it to Moon and having him write lyrics and put vocals on it. We asked Phillips about being surprised with what Moon puts on a song. He had nothing but admiration for his longtime friend and bandmate, especially for what he did on this record.

“I have a front row seat to what he’s been through in the past couple of years. All the lyrics that he comes up with I know exactly what he’s referencing. It makes me feel a little weird to be honest with you, but I’m so proud of him for taking real life situations and experiences and then being honest about it and not pulling any punches with it. I think that helps other people. Knowing what the situation is, it’s so honest, you have to respect him and respect him as an artist. I’m proud of him getting himself out of the hole, getting himself together and then carrying on,” explained Phillips.

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