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MAGIC GIANT Searching For Magic In Hard to Find Places


(Part II)

“Of course, it was inspiring but nothing’s ever perfect,” explained Zang. “There were a lot of issues with the field recording. We were in Marble, Colorado which is the place where we get a lot of the marble for counter tops and things like that. We were recording on this airstrip there. We had mics and everything set up and it started raining. So, we started freaking out. We’ve got all this expensive stuff sitting in the middle of a field. So, we found ways to cover the microphones and work with the rain, but things like rain and wind when you’re recording things out in nature – those things are really loud and that’s something you’ve got to work with or work around when you’re recording the way we did.”

When the band finished recording all their songs on tour they did get some help from a producer. Talking with Zang about what happened after the recording was finished, he said they went and got help from a Ben Allen to finish things off and make sure everything sounded as good as it should.

“After finishing recording we brought it to Ben in Atlanta. We sat together and saw what we had. I don’t know if it needed to be treated differently, but we added to the elements that we got on the road. The end product is so different than anything we had worked with or even imagined. As far as the process, I don’t know how different it was because I think our way of recording is always to find something unique and different. How can we find ways to substituting for an instrument with another element? Instead of using a guitar, use a banjo and make it sound funky. Instead of recording in a bedroom, lets record in a redwood tree. You get a different element a different tone a different sound a different energy that ends up in the recording. The outcome is a beautiful piece of work that sounds completely different. I don’t know if the process of getting there is completely different other than we had to go inside a redwood tree to get there.”

The debut album from MAGIC GIANT “In The Wind” is out and available now. You can listen to it on Spotify or Apple Music and it’s available on all other major digital retailers.

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