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MAGIC GIANT Searching For Magic In Hard to Find Places


Alternative Addiction recently talked with MAGIC GIANT's Brian Zaghi - Zang - about working on the band's debut album, "In The Wind."

Over the years, we’ve talked with lots of bands; bands that have recorded hit after hit and bands that were just getting started. We’ve never talked to a band like MAGIC GIANT before. The trio from Los Angeles is a little… different. That’s putting it lightly. Austin Bisnow, Zambricki Li, and Brian Zaghi don’t do things like everybody else, that includes how they record music. Their new album was recorded mostly with the band’s mobile studio where they traveled to unique locations across the country and let their surroundings inspire them. Alternative Addiction talked with MAGIC GIANT’s Brian Zaghi – Zang – about the band’s debut album “In the Wind.”

“We recorded most of it on the road on tour and we put it together last year in the studio,” started Zang. “We had a cool festival tour last summer. There was a lot of space in between where we were planning on doing shows, but we asked our agent to book time between shows so we could travel some beautiful places and record. We modded a shuttle bus and converted it to a solar-powered mobile recording studio. We went to Moat, Utah and Marble, Colorado and these places that were really hard to find. We recorded at these places where you get this vibe and this sound that you don’t get when you just record in a studio. It really worked out. We got some stuff that we could have never gotten in a studio.”

Talking with Zang further about recording in the field, we asked him to elaborate on some of his favorite locations where the band worked at. He said recording in a giant redwood tree was a highlight – and really – how could it not be?

“One of the coolest places that I can remember. Dan Brickey is a fiddle/banjo player and he played fiddle on “Jade” on the album. He recorded it inside a redwood tree. This redwood tree is huge. It sounds like what a studio is trying to sound like anyway. I remember looking at it and recording him inside and looking at this huge tree and thinking that I we’re the first ones to experience recording in this tree. It was just kind of a magical experience.”

Not everything with recording was magical though – it was worth all the work in the end – but recording the way MAGIC GIANT recorded is far different than the normal process. When you’re recording in a studio everything is controlled. You’re in a sound proof room that’s built to have the proper acoustics and other qualities. You don’t have that when you’re recording in the field and you don’t have control of the elements either.

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