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Alejandro: A Passion to Create


L.A. act Alejandro recently talked with Alternative Addiction about his new song and his background in music.

Alejandro has always had a knack for creating music. He discovered it at an early age and it quickly became an obsession – one that he’s continued to carry with him. Talking with Alejandro about his music and how he got started with it, the passion that he has for what he does becomes abundantly clear.

“So, I started in garage bands and playing there; hanging out with friends making music and not knowing what we were doing. I remember listening to Hendrix and knowing that I needed a guitar and just knowing that I needed to figure out how to play. That’s how it started. I come from a town that doesn’t have a lot – there’s gangs, drugs, and a river. There’s not much to do, so it was always music. We’d be in a garage hanging out and playing music, that’s what there was to do. Creating music was natural for me and I thought it was just as easy for everybody else. At a young age, I was producing without even knowing it. I was playing guitar and my friends were playing bass and drums and I was coaching them. I’d tell them to do this on the drums and play it or I’d tell them to play this note on the bass and show them. In a way, I was producing already back then. I didn’t know what that was, I was just trying to help so we could play music. That was the best outlet – just jamming out. That’s where the majority of this started.”

“I started making beats when I hit high school. I was into hip hop like Wu-Tang Clan, Gang Starr – that gritty, raw hip-hop. I got me this used recorder and I started making music. I didn’t have money for a beats machine or a sample machine. I borrowed this Cassio keyboard and I would do everything live. I would play the drums live and do it for four minutes straight and if I messed up I’d have to start all over again. I’d have to play the synth too. That’s how I started, but I didn’t know anything about quantizing and putting things on a grid. I didn’t know anything. The feeling of recording and being able to hear back what I did – that blew my mind. I never saw a career in that. The best thing was writing music, calling my friends and getting a reaction from my friends. I got high off that. I didn’t party. There was no better drug than sitting in my room and creating this stuff. I would go to another planet.”

That’s how he got started with music but how he got into production and engineering is just as good. He got his first job at a studio and he did everything he could to take full advantage of the opportunity that was presented to him.

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