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Kaleido Brings Full Experience On New Album (Part II)


(Part II)

The band wrote the record by themselves and they also recorded it by themselves. They produced most of the album by themselves, but they did get some help from Nick Morris and Andrew Song.

“They just really understood us and our sound. They let us do our own thing but they were there to help out and climb in here and there when we needed it. We really took it and did it ourselves though because we really wanted it to be authentic without any outside influence.”

Having this album be as much about Kaleido was objective 1, 2, and 3 for the band. Producing and writing were key cogs, just like they are for any album, but Kaleido added a personal touch with a bunch of different interludes on the record.

“There’s a really crazy story about how those interludes came to life. I found this cassette tape that my mom gave me from when I was a baby. It was a nursery rhyme cassette tape that was personalized. It said things like ‘Christina, time to go to bed’ and it had these songs for little kids. I found it and we were all in the garage listening to it and kind of laughing at it. I thought it would be awesome to have so Cody started recording it so we’d have it. While he was recording it the tape burned up. You can hear it burning up on the recording. It was a little eerie and super-nostalgic, so we ended up using that. That’s how those interludes started and it’s crazy because I used to listen to that when I was a baby and now it’s on this record.”

There’s also an interlude with Christina’s dad where he’s throwing a somewhat hilarious lecture via her way via voicemail.

“My dad is crazy and that voicemail is just him. It was so funny to me and I felt like including that. He cracks me up and he cracks everybody up who knows him. He’s a big personality and I wanted to include it because it’s a nice peak into my personal life and I wanted to get personal on this album. I thought that including that voicemail was not only funny, but shows a side of me that I can’t explain to anyone, you just have to hear that voicemail from my dad.”

Now that five years of work has come to culmination, we asked Chriss about what she looks back as the best decision when making the record. It was an easy answer.

“My favorite part about this record is that we took our time. We didn’t feel rushed and we did it by our rules. We set out to try and get this album to sound as close to what we sound like live as we could. I think we did that.”

Kaleido is on the road with Seether. Coming up next, they’ll be hitting the road with Rob Zombie. For tour dates and more on the band, hit up, you can also pick up a download of “EXPERIENCE” on iTunes here. – aa

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