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Kaleido Brings Full Experience On New Album


Kaleido's Christina Chriss talked with Alternative Addiction about the band's the new album, their touring plans, and some interesting interludes on the new record.

Detroit’s Kaleido just released their debut album “EXPERIENCE” this past week. The band, led by Christina Chriss on vocals and backed by Joey Fava on drums, Cody Morales on bass - and Ronnie Rosolino and Zach Bolling on guitar - have become up and comers in the rock world too. This Spring they’ve been touring with Seether and they’ll share the stage with Rob Zombie early in the Summer too. Alternative Addiction got to talk with the charismatic frontwoman Christina Chriss from Kaleido about the new album, touring plans, and some interesting interludes on the new record.

“We were all in the Detroit music scene together but doing our own separate things,” explained Chriss on how the band got together. “We ended up meeting and working together. Cody and I were in a band before this band and Joey was in a band before too. Our old bands ended up playing a show together and we hit it off right away. We ended up writing together and that was it. We realized we had something cool and decided to keep doing it.”

“Our first show was actually at the Roxie in Hollywood. I was doing co-writes with Mickey Avalon. He was headlining and I showed him some demoes of what we were doing and he asked us to open. We flew out there and played the show, it was awesome. Then we came home and named the band and we went forward from there.”

This was a few years ago for Kaleido, and since then the band has released EPs and singles but that elusive debut LP had never really come to fruition. That’s why “EXPERIENCE” is such a landmark for them, it’s something they’ve been chasing for a while now.

“We’re stoked that it’s finally here, we’ve been working on it for five years,” started the Kaleido lead vocalist. “We took our time putting it together. We wanted these songs to come together naturally. That’s why the album is called ‘EXPERIENCE’ because that’s what the album is. It’s a bunch of different experiences that I’ve been through and we’ve been through as a band. So, we carefully chose them to tell that story.”

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