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LANY Talks Beginnings and Passion for Performing (Part II)


(Part II)

That production is something that the band has done since they started with Priest engineering and Klein and Goss adding their inputs and changes. Then Priest can translate it in the recording.

“We’ve always done it. We make everything on a Windows PC, that’s what Les is comfortable on and what he knows backwards and forwards. We’ve been open to working with other producers but most of the time they don’t get it or don’t know what we want LANY to sound like. Unfortunately, in 2017 we’ve got 1000 artists making the same song – DJ music with a vocal on top spitting out some dumb words. It’s interesting to take a LANY song, one’s that’s almost fully-produced and then ask a producer to come in and elevate it. It just winds up ripping the soul out of the song and our sound. Most of the time it doesn’t work.”

The music that LANY makes is intensely personal. That’s why they struggle working with producers and that’s why you won’t see them doing a lot of co-writes either.

“To me, last year we played 117 shows. This year we played 150. I can’t imagine being an artist who doesn’t write their own songs from their own experiences and having to sing the same song 150 times a year. It’s not an easy job. I write them because I have something to say and maybe if I write from my experiences and give truthful words and communicate my situation as best as possible, maybe someone can connect with that in their own way. I see that on people’s faces every time we play when they’re singing back. I feel like it’s life or death, not literally, but that’s how much that connection means to me and the people that listen to our music. When people are screaming our lyrics back at us at shows – that connection is special to me,” he added.

Making music in the studio is certainly a fun element to what LANY’s doing right now, but Klein loves the live element of being a musician even more.

“We’re always developing our live shows. The first show was vastly different than it is now, but you can go back and see that chemistry was always there. Still, there’s no substitute to playing shows every day and what that does for you as a band. We make music for people to listen to but we also make music to tour and bring it to people in the flesh. I don’t know making music apart from going on tour, so my favorite part about is the physical manifestation of all your hard work. You can show up to places you’ve never been to before and sell it out because people are connecting with the music – when people connect with the music it’s amazing. There’s no feeling out there that comes close to it.”

Recently, LANY got the cool opportunity to tour with John Mayer, Klein has always been a huge fan of his and it was incredibly fulfilling to get to tour with Mayer. Plus, it taught him an important lesson that he’ll be able to take moving forward as LANY advances in their career.

“Those were the best 7 nights of my life. He was my hero growing up and he’s my hero now. I didn’t miss a minute of his set any of those nights. I watched all 7 shows. He was so nice to us, he talked to us and came back and said the nicest things about us. I’ll always remember how he treated us because maybe one day we’ll be in the situation he is and I’ll want to treat them the same way. I feel like I’m a better songwriter and a better artist just because of his kinds words.” – aa

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