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LANY Talks Beginnings and Passion for Performing


LANY's Paul Klein recently talked with Alternative Addiction about the band getting together and their passion for creating and performing.

From places all over, the trio of LANY originally met in Nashville before lead singer Paul Klein moved to L.A. on a whim. While in California, Klein decided to head back to Nashville to work with Les Priest and Jake Goss - and the rest is history. LANY is a different project than any of them had worked on before and a different sound than anything else that’s out there right now. Alternative Addiction recently talked with Klein about the band getting together, how they write and create together, and more.

“We were all just friends in Nashville and we were all working on music independently of each other,” said the LANY frontman in the interview. “I moved to Los Angeles on a hunch that I should be there. The independent singer/songwriter thing wasn’t working out at all. So, I called Jake and asked if we could work on some songs together for a few days when I flew back to Nashville. In four days, we wrote the first couple of songs and we put them on the internet in April of 2014, it hasn’t really stopped since then. ‘Hot Lights’ and ‘Walk Away’ - we wrote those songs in the first four days. Then in six days we were getting emails from record labels, which is insane, but I guess we got pretty lucky.”

“From there, we kept building. We didn’t want to sign right away. There was interest but it was mostly just questions about us and wanting to know if there was anything else they could listen to. The answer was no. I had just flown from Nashville and that’s all we had. We decided to write more songs because we saw this as really turning into something. Then I flew back and we wrote ‘ILYSB’, ‘BRB’, and ‘Hollywood.’ Then, it really started to take off. We signed in October of 2015, and we decided that it was wise to bring somebody in and help us take it to the next level.”

Speaking further with Klein about the start of LANY, we asked him about the difference between the music he was working on by himself and the music he started writing with Priest and Goss.

“It's way different. Anytime there’s the slightest change it can make the biggest difference. The humongous change for me was having two guys in the room with you working on music. I’m not tech savvy. I couldn’t engineer the technical side of things when I was recording music that was always being entrusted to somebody else who had that kind of knowledge. Les engineers everything for us, he’s in the band, and he can translate things I want to try. It’s a very collaborative effort. He’s comfortable on making changes and his instincts on stuff are different than people I’ve worked with. Jake and I play pretty much everything because Les is always recording, editing, and engineering. Jake is one of the best drummers in the entire world. Jake and I play everything and he’s just incredible to write with. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff he does in the studio too. He uses iPhone apps and a little bit of everything to come up with stuff.”

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