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COIN - Trying Everything on New Album


(Part II)

Whether they worked with a producer or whether they produced the songs by themselves, COIN’s work on “How Will You Know If You Never Try” turned out terrific. The music that they’ve released in the past is great, but this new album is head and shoulders above the quality that their last record was. Talking with Chase, he described what he thinks is the difference between the new album and their first release.

“With the first album, it was kind of a collection of songs that we had written to date. We wrote those songs in college. I didn’t consider it as much of an album as much as 10 songs that we were happy with. With this album, we sought out to write the best possible songs and really craft them together as an album. Joseph and I went to California for 3 months and co-wrote with a lot of people – a lot of pop writers and a lot of alternative writers. It didn’t always work the way we had hoped, but out of those writes we found out what we wanted and what we didn’t want. We wrote about 100 songs for this album and narrowed it down to 20 ideas that we really wanted to pursue and then that obviously got down to 11. Going into this album we wanted to spend more time discovering. We wanted to discover some sonic things we wanted to try and we wanted to discover the songs themselves. Listening through it now, and looking back at everything, we’re really proud of what we have.”

With all the writing that they did for the album, Lawrence also talked about some of the writers that they meshed well with from the co-writing world.

“We wrote with Tim Pagnotta and we loved writing with him. Then we wrote with Emily Warren, and she’s great. She doesn’t write with a lot of bands. We went in blind not knowing what to think and she became our writing soul mate. She was responsible for shaping a lot of lyrical content on the album. Whether she was directly involved in the song or not, her mindset influenced Joe and I a lot. We wrote with Teddy Geiger, who was awesome as well.”

One of their co-writing sessions brought about the band’s most recent single, and one of our favorite songs of 2017 in “I Don’t Wanna Dance”, what we describe as the awkward guy’s theme song.

“That’s pretty much what it is”, laughed Lawrence. “We wrote that one with Teddy Geiger and Emily Warren. We brought the idea as a joke. We didn’t think it was going to turn into anything. It was such a weird vibe in the session that day, it was a strange day. I was talking with our manager and letting him listen to what we were doing that day, and he heard it and put in his input. He said that the song was uniquely us and he pushed us to pursue it.

As COIN is a band that’s currently out on their own headlining tour, it’s fun to look back and figure out how the band started. They started thinking they would just play one show and that would be it. Talking with Chase about their horrible first show, he remembered it fondly.

“It was late 2012, we basically got an offer to play a warehouse, but really it was a basketball gym. We were the first band and they were giving us 15 minutes to play. The whole premise of COIN was just to play one show. There were only like 40 people there. I remember ending the show after our time was up and I remember thinking that it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. Then, this guy walks up to us and told us he booked a lot of clubs in Nashville and asks us if he wants to work with him. That show led to our first club show, which I consider really our first real show. Playing 15 minutes in a basketball gym in front of no one was strange. It’s crazy that in a way, that led to all this”

COIN’s new album “How Will You Know If You Never Try” is out and available now. Give it a listen on Spotify and other digital retailers -aa

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