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COIN - Trying Everything on New Album


Nashville's COIN just released an album called "How Will You Know If You Never Try", a title that's the perfect fit

COIN’s new album “How Will You Know if You Never Try” has the perfect name. While making the record, the Nashville band worked with two producers, produced some of the songs themselves, and co-wrote with a ton of different alternative and pop writers. Maybe they didn’t try everything while working on the new album, but they certainly weren’t afraid to try new things.

“Two songs were produced by Andrew Maury in New York, four songs were produced by Tim Pagnotta in L.A., and then five songs were produced by the band in Nashville,” explained COIN vocalist Chase Lawrence talking with Alternative Addiction. "We recorded those songs in Nashville and Andrew helped us clean them up. In a way, Andrew plays a part in the whole album.”

“With the songs we recorded in New York, you can hear that they’re colder and glitchier,” explained Lawrence on the difference between the songs recorded in the various settings. “The New York songs were recorded in the winter and you can really hear that help shape those songs. The songs we recorded with Tim in L.A. have a California/summery vibe to them that’s inescapable. The other songs we recorded by ourselves in Nashville have a comfort to them.”

“I think people should be able to go through and listen to which songs were recorded where without knowing. They were shaped by where they were recorded.”

With the band producing a little less than half of the album, it’s worth wondering why they didn’t save some money and just produce the entire record themselves. Turns out, producers are good at teaching new tips and tricks to bands, but they’re also good at settling creative feuds.

“We’re really good at working with each other and capitalizing on each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but sometimes you need a mediator, that person that has the overall foresight and vision to make the objective decisions that the band can’t make. We got into a couple of spots like that when we were doing stuff on our own. It was never too difficult but there were a couple of times where this committee environment was created. It’s those times where we would have definitely benefited from a producer,” added the COIN frontman.

So, if they need a producer to settle some arguments, how did they settle the arguments when they didn’t have an extra person in the studio? In the interview, Lawrence was asked about who the biggest pain is/was in the studio and how they’re able to resolve the differences they have when there’s not a producer in the studio to help them.

“We all take turns in that role. We all take turns being bore-headed about things we’re being passionate about. Sometimes it’s a tough pill to swallow but sometimes it’s something as dumb as me singing a word twice and I’ll have a meltdown. We’re all stubborn about certain things but we all come around to somebody else’s opinion in the end and we end up working towards the betterment of the song eventually.”

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