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Introducing: Fond of Rudy (Part II)


(Part II)

“We’re always writing so there’s quite a few in the pipeline. We’ve released one EP and this is the second EP that we’re releasing – and we’re releasing it as singles and that’s going quite well. But we’ve got loads in the backlog ready to come to fruition,” added Matt.

“With the first EP we were just finding our sound. With the second one we had our heads down working on the production a lot more trying to make the songs just right. You can hear the contrast between the first songs and the new stuff. There’s quite a difference.”

Fond of Rudy Songs

“Say Something”

“The basis of that song came from an ex who always had to get the last word in. That spurred me on to write that one. I sat down and tried to get everything from my head to a piece of paper and then onto a laptop. It’s quite hard to do that, but I think with practice you get better and better. I did the basics and then I brought in the synth and guitar parts to Ross. Then he did his parts. Strangely, we did the rhythm part last.”

“The Line”

”That’s the track that put us on the map. It’s a bit more energetic and more of a rock song. We love to thrash around when we play that live. You can take the meaning from the title, kind of where you’re crossing the line. It’s just a fun song to play live and it was fun to make too.”


”That song is a pure pop song. That’s the most pop thing we’ve done. It’s a summer song. It’s the 3rd release from the new EP and it’s kind of got a nice harmonic jangle to it. It’s a breezy tune that’s a bit different.” - aa

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