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Introducing: Fond of Rudy


As they've released their EP "TWO" song by song, Fond of Rudy keeps getting more attention. Matt from the group introduced us to himself and the group in a recent interview

They’re still a budding group, but Brighton/London-based four-piece Fond of Rudy has made waves with their recent single releases. Late in 2016 they released “The Line” and started to get some major attention across notable sites and blogs. More recently, they’ve released “Say Something” another track that’s picking up traction across multiple outlets. Alternative Addiction recently talked with vocalist Matt about all things Fond of Rudy.

“It was just me and a group of friends playing local gigs for a few years,” said Matt about the early days of Fond of Rudy. “Then, they kind of left, typical deal where they were just moving on with their lives doing other things. Then we started last year with this formation and it just kind of kicked on from there. It’s a friends-of-friends thing… that’s how this iteration of the band was started.”

That version of Fond of Rudy features a group of guys that work well together. Hearing Matt describe the band and their roles is somewhat informative, but mostly it’s a little humorous.

“I do lead vocals and rhythm guitar. My job is to write the start of the songs and bring them to the band, everyone puts their parts in and everyone makes it the last version of what it is. There’s Ross, he’s the lead guitarist, kind of the joker of the group. He likes to keep everybody’s mood happy. There’s Otto the bassist, always the cool one. He doesn’t say a lot; he’s always acting cool in the background. There’s Si on the drums, he likes a bit of a drink, he’s kind of the crazy one. He and Otto do an excellent job together. We’ve known each other for a bit so the chemistry was pretty much there from the start. When we play, we have a lot of fun, we actually enjoy what we’re doing.”

Since their early days Fond of Rudy has worked with producer Martin Hannah, a well-known resource for bands around the London area. Matt said simply, “Martin is like the fifth member of the band. I’ll bring him an idea and he’ll expand it.”

Last year the band released an EP as their introduction to the world, this year they’ve taken a different approach.

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