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morgxn Explains Upcoming EP, "vital" (Part II)


(Part II)

“That’s bass guitar,” said morgxn of the opening notes of the song. “I can tell you that for sure. The song started on guitar. It was a different guitar line and then I sang the vocal hook – (he sings) – over that. The thing is that I wrote the song in a vulnerable place. I was going through a lot of personal stuff with my family and I wrote that song. It wasn’t until the producer that I work with – Ryan Marrone – we were just playing around and making music and I felt like the song was there but it was missing soul. That’s why I went to Nashville and recorded a choir because I wanted something more on it. I went to Nashville and I recorded that choir in my living room – that’s the one thing on the album that didn’t get produced in a bedroom. I’ll never tell you how big or small that choir is for that song. After that, Ryan changed the bass line to fit the vocal line better and that’s where that song comes from.”

So far, morgxn has released three songs and several remixes of those songs but everything is leading up to the release of a bigger piece of music in the coming months. We asked him about the upcoming release and whether it was an LP or EP. He had an interesting way of explaining just what he was releasing.

“It’s an EP in terms of the actual meaning of an EP, but for me it’s a complete thought. The title of it is called “vital.” It’s a weird time in history. It’s been an emotional couple of years for me making this record. Vital for me was a lesson that I had to go through that there are some things that you should let go of and some things you should hold on to. Vital is a complete thought – what’s Vital and what’s not Vital. There are things and people that I hold onto and hold close. That keeps me grounded and then there are things where the only thing I can do is let them go.” – AA

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