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Life of Dillon - Building Dreams One Song at a Time


(Part II)

“The change came from a personal place more than anything,” he explained. “When this whole thing started, it was actually David and I who had started it. My brother, we just decided to make him a part of it because we’re all family and it was exciting. We got the opportunity to get signed to a major label and go on tour across the country. I wanted to do that with my family. After the tour was over, Robert found that it wasn’t for him. He’s more of a studio guy. He loves that. Being on tour and being an artist is demanding. It’s a demanding job. You don’t sleep. Aside from that, we had personal issues. My mother was very sick over the last couple of years. She had cancer and even when we were on tour she was sick. When we came off tour we were with her and she passed away last year. When that happened, everybody thought about their lives differently and decided to do what they wanted to do and change directions. David and I are where we want to be and my brother is in New York doing what he wants to do, working on beats and working on his music.”

Once you find out that Joe and David were writing music for other artists and the change in the lineup, the evolution of the duo’s sound makes sense. When you pair that with the knowledge that the two of them are after a more organic sound now, then it really makes sense.

“I think that’s what’s exciting about every artist’s career. You watch them grow,” explained Keiffer. “Next year we’ll have grown from where we are now. I want to continue to grow as an artist musically, sonically, and even my perspective. That’s all going to change as we get older. I think the change from now to last year is more drastic than other artists because we were pitching. We would write a song every three days. We did that until we got signed. I’m glad that we departed from that model though because we’re writing something that means something to us.”

Not only did the duo’s music and writing style changed from the old stuff to the new stuff, they also have changed their mentality too.

“Our mentality changed from asking everyone what they think to just hoping they liked the music,” said David. “We got to the point to where if you don’t like it, that’s cool, this is who we are and these are the songs we want to write.”

Along with the change in writing, the change in members, and the change in sound, Life of Dillon has elected to be one of the artists with the indie mentality – they want to release music as soon as they have it finished. Instead of pushing out music five to 12 songs at a time and then expecting them to last 12 months on a promotional cycle, the guys elected to release music when they have it done.

“We’re on the once a month tick right now. We think that’s enough time for people to find the music and for it not to get lost. If you wait four months for a radio campaign to take off and you don’t have any music in between, then people don’t give a shit and they’re not going to care. We’ve always wanted to just get music out and hang it on the wall, said Femi.”

“We just like to get music out there and let people feel it. Then you know what to do. The creation of music isn’t the hard part, getting it out there and letting people feel it is. Sometimes the process gets delayed but everyone wants to get the music out there and hopefully it connects with people,” added Keiffer.

Life of Dillon’s two latest singles are “Sex for Breakfast” and “Rocks” both are available at all digital retailers. You can expect the band to release more songs throughout the year.-aa

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