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Life of Dillon - Building Dreams One Song at a Time


"The Rocks They Keep Throwing Are The Ones That Build My Dreams"

The duo of Life of Dillon – Joe Femi and David Keiffer – have been making a splash recently with the singles they’ve released in 2017. They started things out by releasing the ridiculously catchy “Sex for Breakfast” and they’ve followed that by releasing a very cool single called “Rocks.” Talking with Alternative Addiction recently Joe and David talked about the origins of Life of Dillon, why they went from a duo to a trio and then back to a duo again, and how they’ve grown and changed from their debut EP to the music they’re releasing now.

“When we started making music we were just writing music to pitch,” explained Keiffer. “We were just trying to catch people’s attention. We were trying to adhere to what was going on in music; that slight EDM sound mixing that with songs we like. After touring with Meghan Trainor and the EP we dropped, we were kind of stuck in the acoustic/house sound we were developing. We went back to England and we had a moment to think about the music we loved and how we wanted to be perceived. We wanted to play real songs with guitar and drums. We wanted to take it back to more of a live sound opposed to go down the way with produced/manufactured music that doesn’t have as much feeling. We wanted to make sure that we were incorporating that sound into our music moving forward.”

Femi agreed with what his bandmate was saying about making the music the duo wants to make now, but he added that they’re making music with themselves in mind now far more than they were before.

“Before we met with Disruptor and Epic, before we met with anyone, we were writing songs just to get into the industry. We were writing songs as writers, not as artists. When we made some of the old songs, they got people’s attention quickly and there wasn’t time to think. After the tour when things started to calm down, we had time to reflect on everything and write songs as artists from our perspective – trying to get our personality into the music. That’s why you hear a difference between what we’re doing now opposed to what we were doing then. What we do now reflects on us as people, not just our musicianship,” added Femi.

The change in the band’s sound can be attributed to how Joe and David are writing, but it also can be attributed to going back to how they started – with just Joe and David. Joe’s brother Robert was briefly in the band and he helped them write and record the Prologue EP, but before they recorded the EP, Joe and David were operating with just the two of them. Now, Robert isn’t in the group anymore and the duo has a different sound than they did before. We asked the guys why they switched from a trio to a duo and Joe gave the answer.

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