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Working on it!
Posted by: Ryan | October 01, 2018

Working on it!

As we're approaching the end of 2018, we're getting ready to launch a new Alternative Addiction

Alternative Addiction has lots of new stuff coming. Let's give you the roundup.

First up, Alternative Addiction Radio is back, and even though it's been a modest start, we haven't done much to push it on our end. We've wanted to upload as many songs as we possibly can and get a gigantic set of liners and radio imaging done too. Barring any difficulties, we'll be uploading the last of the archived songs tonight and we'll be having all the liners done through the course of the rest of the week. That stuff is in the works and we can't wait to have the station going back full force once again.

Now, the other thing we're doing is a better mobile version of the site. We're doing that and implementing a new navigation system too. We've done this with five pages so far, and with the way the database works and everything else, we have about eight pages left to go. We're hopeful we're done with things by the end of October, but the start of 2019 is more likely.

The podcast is still coming back too. We just have to catch up with some other things first. There are two podcasts that we have planned. First, is the standard Alternative Addiction Podcast featuring some great indie and unsigned music. Then, the other thing we're doing with Podcasts is the Alternative Addiction Songwriters Sitdown. (Alliteration is fun.) We're planning on a special 20 minute podcast where we sit down with some of the great songwriters of the past twenty years and talk shop. We've got lots planned with it, we just need to actually sit down and get going.

That's what's going on now with Alternative Addiction. Thanks to you guys for checking the site every week/every day. Your continued support is appreciated.

Thanks again guys - Ryan

New Cover Story, New Mobile Site and More
Posted by: Ryan | August 21, 2018

New Cover Story, New Mobile Site and More

We've got a new cover story and some updates coming your way this week.

First, when it comes to LIVE, we're working on it. They're busy on the road and we're coordinating a time to talk to Ed K and the guys.

Now, for the fun stuff. We've got a new cover story this week with one of our favorite new bands, The Wrecks. They're awesome and they told us a cool story about recording their first EP and we talked a bit about their upcoming Panic Vertigo Tour which should be really exciting.

Now, the rest of the stuff. We've got a site redesign getting ready to roll out by the end of the year. This guy will feature a full mobile layout, so no more zooming, and it will also feature some cool new features too. I can't say whether it will go live by the end of this week or by the end of the year but it's coming and little by little we keep progressing.

Speaking of progressing, we're adding songs back every day to the radio station. We just wrapped up adding all the songs from 2015 and now we're on to 2014. It's been fun looking back on the archives every week and seeing what songs were where, which you can check out to by just clicking on the archives section.

So, there ya go. LIVE: working on it. The Wrecks: worked. New Layout: Almost done. Radio: forever working. and Archives: you should check it out.

It's August and It's Happenin'
Posted by: Ryan | August 07, 2018

It's August and It's Happenin'

Hey everybody, here's the latest of what's going on with Alternative Addiction

Hey everybody, here's the latest of what's going on with Alternative Addiction:

The radio station is back and the reception has been less than ideal lol. We'd like to get those numbers up, if the interest is there, we'll keep doing it. If the interest isn't then we'll move on. But, just a reminder that Alternative Addiction Radio is back up and going, we're adding new stuff to it every day, and it's been fun so far.

NIGHT RIOTS has the feature going on right now. We talked with Travis from the band about their latest single "On The Line", just a reminder to go and check that out. We're also working on getting an interview set up with Ed K from LIVE about what those guys are up to. That might post as early as next week but likely it will go live in a couple of weeks. We're also working on setting up something with The Wrecks.

That's really all that's happening right now, that's at least what I can share. We'll have some more stuff for you very soon, including a lot of exciting stuff, but until then keep checking back to the front page and the blog to see what's going on with Alternative Addiction.

Summer is Almost Over
Posted by: Ryan | July 31, 2018

Summer is Almost Over

August is here (like in 12 hours) - here's what's happening this week on Alternative Addiction

We're adding to the radio station every day. Yesterday it was 21 songs, today it was 12. Every day we're adding more.

The Indie Song of the Day is going everyday, (well most days) it's a cool feature that you can hear a new indie band every day. Not everything is something we'd usually feature, sometimes we feature something from a Dutch Instrumental guitarist, sometimes we'll feature a mainstream act. Either way, it's a fun feature to check out every day.

Speaking of features. We've got a new cover story launching tomorrow with... Night Riots. Travis Hawley goes back roughly a decade with the site and he's actually hosted the AA Podcast once, which was pretty cool. We're happy that Night Riots is seeing the success that they're having. That feature goes live on 8/1 and will be up there until we have another feature with Ed K of LIVE. Yes, that's coming in August too.

Finally, we're still looking for people so if you want to take photos, do interviews, host a podcast, write an article - or just contribute to Alternative Addiction, email me at

More Updates
Posted by: Ryan | July 26, 2018

More Updates

It's Thursday, and here's the latest about what's going on with Alternative Addiction.

It's Thursday, and here's the latest about what's going on with Alternative Addiction:

We just added a bunch of new songs to the radio station this week. I believe we're at 50 so far on the week. Maybe a little more than that. We're adding songs every day from archived Top 20 singles charts starting with the most current and working our way backwards. We're halfway through 2016 right now and we'll be on 2015 next week.

Speaking of archives... that's something you need to check out. All of the charts since Alternative Addiction started are there. We're constantly working on the navigation process to make it a little simpler but it's something that's a work in progress. Still, there's a ton of content there.

The other thing with the archives that's pretty cool is that all the charts are archived in Spotify too. You can click on the archive link and listen on Spotify ore you can look us up in Spotify and check out the 500 or so playlists from previous charts that we're rocking.

With Spotify, we have the most recent Top 20 playlist named plainly so it's something you can follow and listen to it every week too.

Our cover feature with William Ryan Key is still running and looks to be running on the front page for at least a couple of days. Be sure to check that out. We're working on a couple of different exclusives for the next cover story too. I don't want to confirm anything just yet, but it's super exciting and we're pumped.

One last thing before I sign off of this entry. We're always looking for help, it's not a paying gig, but it's a really fun hobby. We're looking for writers, photographers, video content, audio content, graphics... pretty much any help we can get. It's been a decade long hobby for me and it's led to a lot of cool opportunities. I'd love to open that door for somebody else too. So, if you're interested you can reach out to We'd love to hear from ya.

That's it for today - thanks for visiting


Another Week
Posted by: Ryan | July 23, 2018

Another Week

Here's what's happening on Alternative Addiction

What's up everybody and happy Monday. Here's the latest on what's going on Last week we updated our cover story feature - it's on former Yellowcard frontman William Ryan Key - read the story here

Also going on this week - we've got lots of news. News on Mike Shinoda, Panic! at the Disco, Halestorm, and a lot more check that out at

The Top 20 has been updated with new stuff from The Story So Far, Muse and Kodaline. Check that out under the Top 20 section.

We've also added about twenty songs to the radio station so far this week. We'll try to do at least 50 more this week.

We're still trying to get the podcast set back up too. It's just about finding the time to do it, so hey if you've ever wanted to start a podcast and you'd like to do one for us, drop us a line and let us know. We're always looking for help with news posters, writers, reviewers, photographers, YouTubers and just help in general.

Thanks for checking in. Keep checking back to the blog to see what we're working on.

New Blog, Radio's Back & More
Posted by: Ryan | July 17, 2018

New Blog, Radio's Back & More

There's lots going on at Alternative Addiction | Here's the latest

There's lots going on with Alternative Addiction. First, I'd like to welcome you to the Blog. This is the best spot to visit if you'd like to know what we're wrking on and what's next. For unsigned bands, it will be a great resource for you guys too. We'll have links for you guys to submit stuff to, and some other resources you'll find useful. For music fans, we'll have special news updates, archive posts, and lots more for you guys here too. Let's dig in.

Alternative Addiction Radio is back. We're fully licensed through Live365 and the radio station is back. There are a couple of commercial breaks every hour but nothing too intrusive, which is great. Music is coming in every day too. We're adding 10-15 songs each day, working our way backwards and we'll continue to add songs for the next couple of months until everything we had is back up there. We'll also be adding more liners as we go too. Right now those are pretty repetitive, we'll get some more of those added in each week too. Check out the station, if you're stuck at work and get to Spotify or whatever subscription you're using, it's a great solution. Give it a chance, you'll like it.

Also back on Alternative Addiction - the Podcast. We'll have the first AA Podcast back on 7/27/2018, featuring five songs, some interview stuff, and lots more.

New this week on AA, lots of news, some new music on the chart, and we got some info from Pat Kirch from The Maine about the band's new acoustic album, their upcoming 8123 Fest and some other info from those guys about their next record too. It's on the front page, you can't miss it - be sure to read that. So that's what's new, we'll have another blog update coming your way on Friday.

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