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The Ataris Upset With Success

They may have one of the biggest hits of the summer with their cover of "Boys Of Summer" but they would rather it be their own song getting the attention...

Unless you have been living in a cave this summer, then you will most definitely have heard The Ataris rendition of the Don Henley classic "Boys Of Summer"  The song has clearly been one of the biggest hits of the summer, but that doesn't mean that the guys in The Ataris are happy with their success.  The band has been writing and performing together for a very long time, and feel that their music is being overlooked due to the success of their "Boys Of Summer" cover.  Originally the band didn't not want to release the song as a single, but the persistency of their record label, Columbia Records, pressured them to release the song as a single.

At any rate the band has received a lot of exposure due to the success of the single, unlike the lackluster response that their first single "In This Diary" got.  Not wasting anytime, the band is planning the next single from their debut release to be "The Saddest Song"  At this point, all the guys in the band can do is hope that they can score another hit and not go down in history as "That band that covered that Boys of Summer song"...

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