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Switchfoot Take Darker Approach on 'Hello Hurricane'

Switchfoot's Jon Foreman says that the band has taken a darker approach for their new album, right down to it's, "Hello Hurricane," which he says is a metaphor for facing life's challenges.

For their latest studio release, Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman says that the band has taken a darker approach to the record, right down to the album’s title, Hello Hurricane, which Foreman says is a metaphor for facing life’s challenges.

“For me it kind of represents that storms are the unknown that pass through our lives.  Things that we do not want to happen will happen to us,” Foreman told Alternative Addiction in a recent interview.  “I like the idea of greeting the storm and taking action.  Acknowledging that we can’t stop these storms, we can only control the way we behave in light of theses storms.”

Musically, the album’s darker feel Foreman says is due to the heavy hours that the band spent in the studio recording the record, and the toll it took on the band.  After recording nearly 4 albums worth of material and then skimming that material down to twelve tracks was a labor intensive process for the band.

“We were being more brutal than we have ever been with our ideas, really throwing things against the wall,” explained Foreman.  “After a couple of months of that type of environment, you start to realize that 90% of what you do everyday for several hours a day is never going to be heard by anyone, and that gave it a bit of a darker element.”

While the recording process was a difficult struggle for the band, Foreman says the process also pushed the band further than they ever have before, and allowed them to release an album with a central theme.

“This album was an attempt to be a cohesive statement about the idea of opening the windows and letting the fresh air in,” said Foreman.  “So much of our lives we are aware of ourselves and very little else, and I wanted these songs to show the horizon and be a breath of fresh air.”

The concept of having a central theme for the album is a first for the band, and has inspired them to take a different approach to touring in support of the album as well.

“When we tour for this record we’re going to play the whole album in sequence, from track #1 to track #12,” said Foreman who’s excited to be back out on the road and playing for Switchfoot fans again.

“To be playing all brand new songs is very exciting for us, and I feel like that’s when most of these songs will come to life, when we are playing them live.”

Switchfoot’s Hello Hurricane is due out November 10th, on Atlantic Records.

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